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Fashions for Retirement

I imagine this has been addressed before but here goes!


As I posted awhile ago, I will be retiring in a few months and I have been thinking of this subject --- (among many others, of course) --- what the heck will I be wearing when I am home all the time?


I have worked for so many years --- nearly 50 years --- and most of my clothing is geared toward the work atmosphere.  I have a few things which I consider grungy for doing yucky jobs around the house and yard but these are not very presentable.


All the years I worked, for the most part, when I would come home and had no plans to go any where or do anything, I would change and put on comfy sleep wear.  Now that I will be home all day, I am thinking what can I wear that will be comfy and still look good?  I would like to wear things that I can do household chores in and run to the store or do other errands in and still look decent.  I don't find jeans all that comfortable any more.  They used to be my main stay.  


Those of you who are retired, what does your every day wardrobe consist of?


I know that I am going to need to purge a lot of my clothing, which will be a job in and of itself. Of course, I will keep a lot of my things to wear for church, and other things. But I really will have no need for the majority of the clothing that I previously wore.


Just woudl like some of your feedback!!!

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Re: Fashions for Retirement

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I wear jeans, jeggings or leggings 7 days a week.  Clogs in the winter and Birkenstocks and Toms shoes in the summer.


I found jeans that were really comfortable for me (Talbots) and they are my wardrobe staple.


My husband and I are very casual people.  We're out just about every day running errands, having lunch out and stuff so my times to get dressed up are infrequent.


@AngelPuppy1- best wishes on your upcoming retirement!

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Re: Fashions for Retirement

@AngelPuppy1 . What do you wear on weekends?  I'm sure you don't wear sleepwear or cleaning out the garage clothing all weekend now.


If you don't like jeans (I would suggest giving some brands a try since they are a lot more comfortable than they used to be) why not try either leggings or slim cut knit (not as tight) pants.  Add nice knit pull over tops, stylish sweatshirts oor sweaters and some cute & comfortable cardigans for when it gets cool out and you'll have some presentable casual outfits.


Keep in mind, I don't wear the same clothing cleaning the house as I do when I go out (even to the supermarket) but I also do my hair & makeup whenever I go out too.

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Re: Fashions for Retirement

I don't like jeans, so I wear Denim & Co. elastic waist  pants for really comfy,  and chinos from Talbots or their other pants in various lengths, usually around the house an LL Bean Pima cotton t-shirt, and things like that.  


Jeans are too heavy for me and I've heard the material is hard on furniture that is cloth covered.  Don't know, but to me there are better choices and I feel more dressed in pants of some sort. 

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Re: Fashions for Retirement

When I am home light weight cropped sweats and T shirts, outside crops and cute tops, same 90% of the year. I wear yoga pants and jeans to go out in the Winter

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Re: Fashions for Retirement


An early,

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Re: Fashions for Retirement

I bought house dresses in the same area as robes and night gowns at Dillard’s.


I put one on after my morning shower. It stays on all day if we stay home unless I go work in the yard.


I feel like I’m dressed enough to answer the door or go relax on covered patio.

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Re: Fashions for Retirement

I always had office casual work clothes, and my knock around at home clothes.   When I quit working 6 years ago, I just started wearing my work clothing at home.  I still have 4 pair of work pants hanging in the closet, but have gone thru all of my work tunics by now.   


The only clothing I have bought in the last 6 years was a pair of crop pants, 2 bras, new panties, a nightgown, and 6 new sleeveless shirts for the summer.   Between grease stains and bleach splatters, I ruin quite a few shirts.   


I will wear shorts in the house until about Thanksgiving, then I start wearing pajama pants and T-shirt’s on days I know I’m staying home.   

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Re: Fashions for Retirement

i feel better when i look good.  i wear slacks and a top and a blazer or a casual dress with sweater/jacket when i go out to grocery, to a class, to volunteer work.  i already have these things - so why not use them.  for grunge, i have jeans.  for an at home day i like my two piece outfits - crop pants and jacket or in winter velour pants and jacket.  i still wear nice clothes to worship.  i have to say most around me are much more casual - and often kind of sloppy looking - but clean.  but i did enjoy when a gentleman came up to me at supermarket and said, "it's so nice seeing a woman look so well dressed."   i had on a midi dress and matching sweater, flats.   i liked that!

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Re: Fashions for Retirement

First of all congratulations on your retirement!  My closet is probably the opposite of yours because I work at home about 95% of the time with one short business trip every 3 months.  Since you are retiring in a few months- spring/summer and need to overhaul your wardrobe I would concentrate on getting a few things now at deep discount.  It is a little late to find these items (I think) at BM stores but shop online to pick up some great business casual/casual everyday outfits.  I live in a rural area so I do get a lot from the Q.  There are many, many designers and Q lines that offer clothing perfect for retirement- I think it is important to be comfortable and wear attractive durable clothing that is not too trendy (hey you are retired, so you don't want to be replacing things constantly).  Denim and Company comes to mind.  Great comfy everyday clothing that wears well.  I would haunt the "as is" clearance and "last clicks" areas for some nice spring summer basics. I agree with the other posters- for bottoms I favor simple straight leg pants, jeans with a little stretch and leggings.  Tunic tops or tops that hit the top of my legs are staples. Layers with vests in the winter are fun too.  Don't get me going on sweaters! LOL