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I don't mind them at all unless Jayne starts getting know-it-"ally". There seems to be a trend in showing more fashion and less junk on the Q, which is an improvement IMO. Weekend programming is still pretty bad, but I'm glad to see more fashion, accessories and jewelry in general.
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I enjoyed the show last night.

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On 3/7/2015 lcmel said:

They just never seem prepared to talk about the details of the products they are presenting. It's almost as if they are seeing the items for the first time and just read bits of info off the cards. Compare that to Jill, or JRT or Shawn who can really add some extra info to a presentation and they really fall short. Pat is much better alone, though she wasn't great for Dooney. She is good for jewelry. Jayne is not credible as a fashion host

soooo agreeee they are just as baffled at night as the morning they even seem less coordinated together in the evening and they are not by any means fashion hosts they always look like a train wreck that show spot should have gone to a real fashion host they are better at showing gadgets.

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Obviously, the idea is to create a chatty, fun, girlfriends-on-an-outing vibe with two hosts laughing and conversing with each other, designers, and with callers on-air. Some will like it; some won't.

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They are imitating the Girlfriend Friday concept on JTV.

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I simply cannot and will not watch Pat and Jayne. I to am not interested in the least of their silliness. Would the PTB Ever watch on a volunteer basis, I think not.
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I watched it and enjoyed it! Although I don't watch anymore since I work, I thought the way they kidded each other it was cute!{#emotions_dlg.rolleyes}

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On 3/6/2015 circles said:

I am enjoying the show....they don't seem as silly tonight like they are in the morning...hope I didn't just jinx

I agree - I think maybe they actually mellow out as the hours go on, so by the time they are on Fashionably Late, they've gotten most of the giggles purged from their systems lol. I enjoy them better at night. Also, as much as I don't mind Sandra, I really didn't like her on PMStyle for some reason.

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I haven't been able to watch it because it is just too late for me. I do wish they would move the time to 7pm. There is absolutely nothing on TV on Fridays. I am glad to see that some of you are enjoying the show. On a side note I did purchase Jane's jacket from the promo. George Simonton always has something nice.

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If the Q would just find more interesting things to sell, so much attention would not be paid the hosts.