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I like them together. Good show tonight.
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On 3/6/2015 Gsmom said: I am watching Collen Lopez and Hal Rubenstein present his clothing line . QVC should take lessons

Gsmom: I totally agree!!!! I was also watching that show and the difference of professionalism is incredible. Coleen let Hal represent his line and did not interrupt with nonsense about her sister, her husband, her kids, her ballet lessions, etc., etc., etc. Who gives a rats --- about their families? HSN presents the products and just the products with taste and class, Collen is one of the very best hosts they have. Plus, what a change from his line and the horrid, old fashioned same old stuff I have been seeing today, i.e., Quaker, Denim & Co., OMG what a difference in their fashions. I do love my Issac though and for that I shop here, and sometimes Liz C. But is was truly a pleasure watching Coleen speak softly, elegantly, not shouting and acting like an idiotic hyped up on 20 cups of coffee, like some of the hosts do here.

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I just got home in time to catch the last minutes of the show. LOVE them together! I should have DVR'ed. I thought the end with the champagne was cute - two good friends spending time together! A huge ""BRAVA"" from me!!!

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I really enjoyed watching them tonight, made me laugh aloud a couple times!

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Enjoyed the show. I thought Jayne looked very pretty tonight. I loved her hair!

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I enjoyed Pat and Jayne tonight and what a perfect way to end the evening with Liam!!
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Jayne needs Pat to give the sizes of the garments. I guess she's not capable of that, is too overwhelmed with trying to learn colors or it's beyond her. Can't stand to watch her and her unpreparedness for her shows. I record the shows so I can fast forward when she presents anything and so I don't have to hear her cackling.
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On 3/6/2015 graycatsrule said: I like them together. Good show tonight.

Just wish it hadn't had so many handbags!

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I like them too...I was cleaning this morning and i usually don't get that annoyed by hosts but this morning was just too much. Susan Graver, Sharon and Rachel were all talking together and it was so bad, I just flipped the channel. It really wasn't SG's fault....she was asked a question about the garment and was attempting to answer and Rachel just over talked her...then, Sharon was trying to restore order by giving was just annoying
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I liked the show. I also loved Jayne's hair. I thought it looked beautiful!