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@ALRATIBA wrote:
Best dressed people in Italy! Rome comes in second.

Oh I agree.  Sometimes their obssession with fashion is a little too much.  But yes, they love it. 

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@SharkE She is just beautiful and her simple style is gorgeous. 

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He's not bad either.   LOL   Lose the beard, though.  He needs a Rolex if he doesn't have it. Touch of gold on the men and lots of diamonds and gold on the women.   I want glitz and glamour. No more tennis shoes or **** hanging out, etc.

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@songbird  I love all of it.HeartHeartHeartHeart


@ECBG  You can just do a monochromatic outfit using color like the red shown here.

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I like the longer trench coats. 


Makes a lot of sense in rainy/windy weather



A couple of weeks or so ago, I started a thread featuring Pantone's neutrals (as being very major) in one of the major fashion magazines.  


So, I guess they were right.


I've always liked the monochromatic, neutral looks.

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