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Re: Fashion on QVC -- Looking All the Same

CK just presented her "line" a few days ago and I didn't think it was even a good look on her!


Amy did all she could to promote and praise, however, I was not impressed at all. Cat Sad


Not happening people!

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Re: Fashion on QVC -- Looking All the Same

I Agree and I think Susan Graver and logo are the worst offenders. Oh my gosh their lines are so repetitive!! How many liquid knit tunics and crazy print tent tops can a woman own???
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Re: Fashion on QVC -- Looking All the Same

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I don't watch much Q anymore, but I do look online at items fairly often. There are a lot of similarities in fabrics, styles, and designs.


In the past each brand on the Q was more distinct in its designs and styles. There was a time when I could tell if something was QF, D & Co, SG, Linea, Logo, etc. I think there's more overlap now. Logo & Tolani are probably still the most unique looking compared to other brands. I am also seeing similar items in my local stores.


I'm sure the Q and other retailers know what sells best so they continue to bring more of those kinds of items into their inventory. They also add in trendy pieces for each season.


As a classic dresser, I don't really need lots of different and unique pieces, but I agree it would be nice to see items that didn't look so similar. 

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Re: Fashion on QVC -- Looking All the Same

I am saving a lot of money...not even tempted to buy any of the items they are saying are "new for fall". Overpriced for what it is...and not flattering even on the models. Take a look at INStyle or WhoWhatWear. Once again I will shopping my closet. I donated so much stuff that I should have kept...but that was three or four years ago and some of the new stuff they are showing look outdated....but maybe that's just me. 

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Re: Fashion on QVC -- Looking All the Same



The only things I ever bought from Linea were a blouse with matching scarf, and a tote.  (Still have the tote and scarf,)


I have a lot of opportunities to wear the styles from the "old days" of QVC.  I have no desire to be fresh, current or trendy ... but I'm definitely chic!  Smiley Wink  


Vendors like Victor Costa and Koos, and so many others who had unique fashions - Sandy Starkman (still wearing his embellished denim jacket), Mary McFadden, etc.  Even Renee's former City Knits line.    And who can forget INDIGO MOON.  


I still have and wear a beige (real) suede jacket with a charcoal "drawing" on the back from LOOK EAST.   


Now - everybody is making the same thing .... in different colors and fabrics.  


I don't want to look like anyone else.  The fatal words from a host or vendor, and  what I heard SG say yesterday: 



I'm so glad I learned how to knit and crochet - I can make my own "designer" knitwear to jazz up my look. 


............(Thanks Mom!)