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Re: Fashion from Mango

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@Foxxee wrote:

This is another retailer headquartered in Spain, a direct competitor of Zara with annual sales of about $1.7 billion.  Zara is over $8 billion.   Their clothing styles, website, and pricing are so similar, some people have said Zara must own Mango.  


They're carrying a plaid jacket with fringe at the bottom exactly like one Zara had last year at the same price.  


A problem I have with Mango is fabric composition and how it's described.  For example a wool coat, when it's 70% polyester, 30% wool.  Although, I do like quite a bit of their clothing.  



The wikpedia didn't say Zara owns Mango.  As far as I know it's an independent store.  Don't know if they have a factory and changes it avalable clothes on the website (after 2 weeks)  Will check it.   Forgot to say when Zara completes a two week cycle, the clothes you see on the web site will be dumped and not returned.  Doesn't matter if it sells or not, after 2 weeks, it will be trashed.

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I like the white teddy bear jacket and the black jacket with zipper on front following it.

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I like the contrast lapel coat.


The faux fox jacket is cute, but it looks like a lot of teddy jackets around that are going for less.


The rest is a meh for me.

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Re: Fashion from Mango

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Mango fashion items i are going to be sold by Macy's now or soon.

Mango had a store at San Francisco airport a few years ago that closed.

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The oversized poncho is bomb!