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@Carolina925 wrote:

When I was still working, I had lots of George Simonton and Louis Del'Olio fashions. They were beautiful, I think, well made. I wouldn't have any use for many of them now since my "fashion sense" consists of jeans and tees now but it would be nice to have some "go-to" outfits in the closet for special occasions. I don't do joggers, leggings, and that sort of thing, probably because my body wouldn't like them, but I do like to look pulled together in my jeans and wearing PJs in public just doesn't appeal to me.

@Carolina925    Because I live in a college town....I always know when the students are back.  They wear their PJs everywhere.  Guess that's the dress code.  🤷🏻‍♀️
Since I am retired now...I dress casually...jeans, tees, nice sweaters, etc.  But I will never wear my Jammies to Walmart, the grocery stores, the bank...or anywhere other than home.   Just doesn't work for me.  

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Re: Fashion Then and now

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There was a story on Inside Edition last night about how people are dressing - dressing down - way down - on airplanes.  And how people used to dress up when flying.  I understand casual but not sloppy.  And not PJs.  The theory was in part that seats are so much closer together.  


I think QVC features too much in the way of PJ/leisure/workout clothes too but it must sell.  I do really like Susan Graver's clothes.


I don't dress like I did when I was working in suits and dressier business attire.  


If I need something dressier I like t Macy's or Karen Kane, Nordstrom.  Nice clothes are still out there.

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I loved Victor Costa. Still have a few of his pieces.

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@diney j   I have 2 Victor Costa matte jersey, I think, dresses I bought in 2004.


Exact same dress, sleeveless, knee length simple straight dress. A black and a navy. I wore the navy to my niece's wedding. They were either $37.50 or $38.50 a piece. Still look good, they don't wrinkle, aren't pilled.


I wore those things to work for years.  I can't tell you how many times they have been worn and washed.

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I clicked onto Dennis Basso a few days ago . Courtney (sp?) was host, wearing a dark green blazer with matching slacks. She looked beautiful. I have no need for an item like that. If anyone still worked in a office position it would be great. A classic. Made me long for years gone by. It probably would work with jeans if one were inclined. 


It is not needed for my retired lifestyle. I do not like seeing pj s worn in shopping locations though. I cannot keep from being suprised unless it is a toddler of course Smiley Happy

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@IMW   Yes! I remember Victor Costa!  I was just looking at two bejeweled jean jackets of his that are still in my closet. And a sweater coat in delphinium blue with white embroidery. Still wear these items. Fit, quality, class.


I agree about the good designers of the past. I have Bob Mackie items from years ago that are still current and beautiful.

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Well from the remarks here about being retired and not needing the classic clothes like we wore in the past, I think the OP's remarks have been answered. And since, IMO, the bulk of QVC's customers are retired or close to retirement age, I don't see the likes of the designers mentioned ever returning.



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Oh how I miss Louis dell'olio. Quality clothing and actual collections to mix and match. His presentations were so informative and full of different ways to wear his line. I'm so lucky to have so many of his pieces that have lasted for years. People say nobody dresses like that anymore, well I do. Nothing beats wearing his Blazers with jeans or casual pants. I don't find that look dressy, but pair that same blazer with matching slacks and you could go anywhere. His leather jackets were fabulous, not be mentions his knits. Seems people are stuck in a rut of wearing only jeans and tee shirts or their PJs. So many don't understand, or are too lazy, to work their wardrobes. For me it's not then and now.
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They are making clothes thinner, cheaper to compensate for increased shipping and manufacturing costs.  It's hard to find tops warm enough for cold weather wear.


While rummaging in a closet a couple weeks ago, I ran across a Bob Mackie tee still in its original plastic bag. The fabric is a beautiful print and soft and substantial.  It has a square neckline that is actually interfaced so it'll keep its shape.  How long since you've seen that?  The body of the shirt actually has shape and is accented by 3 vertical rows of grosgrain ribbon.


I treasure my older tops for their quality.

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Some of the items you mentioned can still be had at affordable prices at Macys (Calvin Klein, Alfani, Bar iii) & and Kohl's to some extent. Dressing in general has become more casual, so retailers carry more of what sells.