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I went to the attic this morning and pulled out two of my favorite "cold weather" coats of all time- the DB washable, hooded, reversible "mink"/"suede" coat with buttons that emerged around 2000 or so, and continued to be available for years, in various colors.


I LOVED THAT COAT. My first one was "taupe" in size 2X.


I was teaching in a ski region, and I wore that coat EVERYWHERE.  It was SO WARM that I could go to work reasonably dressed and still not worry about freezing.


It was such a great coat that people of all sizes and ages would walk up to me and ask where I'd bought it, even though at the time I must have looked bizarre- short, very heavy, bundled in enough to look as though I was wearing everything I owned at the same time.


After wearing my "first" example, I decided to branch out to other colors and sizes. I was able to buy a brown version and then one in black. I couldn't get into the brown one at first, but then, after I retired, I began to lose some of my "stress weight" and could finally button both.


For a while I BEGGED in the old message board that it be done in other colors, and briefly, before it disappeared altogether it was said to be coming in purple, but if it did, I must have missed it.


I still have my black one and my brown one though. The taupe one, by that time too large for me, was respectfully "donated" to someone who deserved it. Hopefully she's still wearing it.


I just told my husband that if it were EVER offered again, I'd buy another. I repeat-



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I also had that coat in dark brown.  When I bought it we had a place in the mountains so I had somewhere to wear it.  But we sold our cabin, and living in Florida sadly had no need for it any longer, so I reluctantly donated it to an organization in South Dakota.

It was a beauty and as you said, very warm and cozy.

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Dennis Basso had some amazing coats!  I've had several and gifted some as well!

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I haven't seen any of his costs in a while. In fact I haven't seen DB. Is he still on?
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@violann  I had that DB coat in navy. I really liked it, and it kept me warm. I think most current coats are lighter weight.

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Before I retired, every winter for quite a few years, I would treat myself to another DB faux fur.  I think I had about a dozen of them.


I've passed a couple to my nieces - and still have a few in the closet.


I have two that are knee length - the others are various "colors" and all mid-thigh or jacket length.