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Re: 👢Fashion Ideas/Finds👢

I agree about the blouses!  I started wearing them a couple of summers ago to various events that I had to attend that were a step up from casual and not dressy.  (local women's club - we're busy ladies!)


I still have a few of the blouses that QVC used to sell ... they've been in the back of the closet and still fit.  I didn't wear them very often because they should be dry cleaned ... I really, really, really don't want to iron silk.  It's a general fail for me.


Remember OIS catalog?  I bought a bunch of blouses when they were closing down.  In the last year or so ... picked up a few at QVC from SG, LOGO, Mackie (and I still have BM silk blouses from years ago).


On the C Wonder clearance at QVC .... I picked up about half a dozen blouses so far.  


I'm all set!  Still have places to wear my knit tops ....

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Re: 👢Fashion Ideas/Finds👢


I've been really getting into the wovens for a while now! I like the inherent structure and the femininity but they're not necessarily dressy. I really wanted the one in the picture and yeah that one's dressy but they only had two sizes left a zero and a 14!

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Re: 👢Fashion Ideas/Finds👢

I think the first two looks are great especially if you live in the west or southwest.  I would kinda be out of place in Chicago.  Reminds me of Robert Redford's magazine.

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