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Fashion | Refresh, Renew and Fix Your Clothes - My Newest Addiction. A long pin, but one of the best!:

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I remember my mom using some of those fixes in the '60's...especially the one for stopping a run in pantyhose!!

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Thank you!   I saved this poster, and also added to my favorites.   I'd copy the entire thing and hang it up, if I could.  Excellent tips/hacks.  Can't wait to see other posters' replies and suggestions!

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Thanks SO much for sharing!  


I do a lot of what's on these lists, especially repair to fabrics.  My Mom taught me a lot of tricks for fabrics and wovens.....Just "saved" a polyester item that got caught and pulled... was able to push the long thread through the fabric where the catch occurred, pull the the thread through to the other side and then cut it (it was a loop) then make two knots and cut the excess off.  I also pulled the line straight before I went to work on it~!


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Thank you Ms Lola @lolakimono, you never disappoint!  I know of a lot of these quick fixes, they're easy, they work, and they're just cool to know!