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Fashion Favorites (w/e 8/13/22)...

My favorite inspiration outfits this week from online browsing/shopping and from some of my favorite fashion bloggers. I couldn't (or wouldn't) necessarily wear any of these, but I like the way they've been styled or some particular component of the outfit. I might put an accessory on my shopping list. Maybe the outfit inspires me to put together something similar from my wardrobe or to try different color combinations. Sometimes, I just love the whole look. Thought I'd share and hope you enjoy...

As always, thank you so much for your comments on these threads! I read them all. I especially enjoy reading why you like an outfit or why you don't and how you might tweak an outfit, or what individual pieces you like.

#1   She looks great...I would look like a picnic table

#2   Looove



#5   Favorite

#6  (Apologies if this is a repeat.)  These jeans are too kool

#7   DiAnne   Note the metallic sandals with straw bag...I think the platform is too high

#8   Wow factor

#9   She made this

#10   The Headless effortless

#11   2nd favorite

#12   Love (but I'd button the blouse...sheesh!)


#14   Open front kimono (beautiful) tucked in...great idea



#17   Aren't these colors gorgeous?  


I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 8/13/22)...

1 and 2 are so wonderful.  You could wear these forever and ever and not get sick of them!  15 is lovely -- I will never get over my love of animal print.  This could be a go-to dress!  

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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 8/13/22)...

Favorites are #2, #14 (Kimono is beautiful) and #15. I like animal prints, have a leopard print shirt I often wear. 


I don't care about #11. Not a good pose the model has and I can't figure out what the blue part is. Maybe it's a scarf, but it looks awkward like it doesn't belong or is misplaced. 

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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 8/13/22)...


Good Morning, @MacDuFF!  I have some favorites this week:

#1 That black and white checked skirt is great. I would wear it at the knee. At 5'3", I don't want to be swallowed up by fabric.

#2 is a cute, easy, and effortless style, although I would add some color to the outfit.

#4 has a nice beachy vibe

#6 I love those swirled jeans! They are artwork. The color palette is soft and unusual without being distracting.

#18 The model looks fabulous in her clothes and she can rock a red lip!!

Thanks for sharing.


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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 8/13/22)...

I have so many favorites this week ... 


2 - like the color combo and the fit of top/pants together. I would need a few more inches on top to cover the elastic waistband tho for me to feel comfortable.


4 - this is the kind of outfit I wear when we're at our family beach house when going into "town". Easy peasy and so comfortable. 


5 - I like this because the colors are so fun. Not sure I could wear head to toe, but if I did I wouldn't wear tied. Probably wear w/ a tank underneath and the blouse partially buttoned and hanging down. I would really need to have a bit of a tan to pull off this color combo ...


6 - I think I would wear those pants, but a little shorter. Not w/ that top tho ... I think my adult sons would throw one of their tee shirts at me and tell me to cover "that area" up. 


10 - more covered up version of #2 and I love it. Would have to wear w/ more comfortable shoes tho.


14 - love this look and I WOULD wear those shorts. Love them.


16 - I want straight leg jeans in that exact color. Obsessed w/ that color of jean.


17 - Love the color of the dress. I liked most of the dresses, but so many were very long and since I'm not particularly tall (or graceful) long dresses seem to overpower my body w/ just too much fabric. I've also never quite mastered walking up and down stairs w/o catching my shoe on the hem.


Thanks for sharing your finds ... it's always so much fun to see what you have come up with. Smiley Happy

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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 8/13/22)...

@MacDuFF  I so enjoy your posts and read them all the way through. Thanks so much

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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 8/13/22)...

I like them all but #8 is my favorite.  I love the colors of the skirt.

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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 8/13/22)...

I'm really loving the kimono in #14.  I'm not feeling the shorts so I'd probably wear it with black capris or pants (either tucked in as a top or as a kimono with a t-shirt underneath.  

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