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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 8/12/23)...

I top pick this week is #6 although green is not my favorite color so I'd pick the cardigan is a different color (although this greeen isn't too bad).


I'm obsessed with the lug loafers in #8 and would definitely wear them.  I also like the combat boots (forget the number) although I wouldn't ever wear them.

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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 8/12/23)...

I enjoy picking favorties from your favorites @MacDuFF Lots of great outfits this week.






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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 8/12/23)...

My favorite is the Johnny Was topper in #12. I would wear this often. 

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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 8/12/23)...

None of these were really for me...

But I like the pink purse #15

#9 really suits that woman

#12 would have been my thing late 90's...loved vintage, boho, velvety, eclectic pieces like that. Still do to some extent, just haven't worn them lately like I used to then. Makes me nostalgic for some of my favorite old 2nd store haunts, and the "Stevie Nicks" type pieces I loved to find.


Thanks for posting...always fun to peruse, @MacDuFF!


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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 8/12/23)...

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I'd like #3 better if the pants were longer. 

#4 looks like a photo from the 70s. 

I like the blue and white striped sweater in #5.


I like #6, but that green sweater looks very itchy and scratchy to me. 

#16 is definitely not for "wallflowers". Love brown and white together. The print is way too bold for me. 


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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 8/12/23)...

#4 looks like a picture out of the 80's.  Look at the carpet.  I would never have worn it then either.  


#6 looks like a sweater you would wear when you feel under the weather.....compfy.


#11 isn't bad, but it looks like her head was photochopped onto her body.  It looks too little.


I would wear the Johnny Was topper.   


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Good job, @MacDuFF .

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