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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 5/23/20)...

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@ALRATIBA   I was surprised that I liked this outfit.  I don't usually go in for big, bold prints.  Don't even talk to me about big florals hahaha.  But, what about a leaf print? 


This one seemed different because of the black background, and altho most women, myself included, would automatically pick one of the colors for the top, I think the black "grounds" or "tames" the print.


So, I've been re-thinking a bold print...a bold leaf print...with a black background.  If you put these 2 pics back-to-back, to my eye (YMMV) I really see that the black background looks...better?...more sophisticated, yet still summery and casual...?  The white background is...expected?


OTOH, I would wear a slimmer, shorter, more fitted blouse, pop the collar, unbutton another button, and wear a yellow necklace or scarf.


Which brings me to another she wearing a fanny pack with a long strap as a crossbody bag??  Or is it just a crossbody that looks like a fanny pack?  Is this a new thang in bags?  I truly don't know, but I can't say I like the look.  @Tobes  



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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 5/23/20)...

I like all of them, so far.


The print dress looks 'a bit much'; but, in reality, I would try it on, and maybe wear it.

It looks airy and comfortable. 

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