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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 5/1/21)...

@MacDUFF There is a timelessness about many of these outfits. Something lovely for a range of taste and age. Loved what you chose to share.

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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 5/1/21)...

Thanks for all the comments, ladies.


The skirt in #6 is too cute, and I enjoyed reading your tweaks.  Occasions for wearing that kind of outfit are's a little too dressy for my neck of the woods, darn it.


I used to wear sheath dresses, too...I'm not as talented as some of you ladies, but my Grandmother was.  I had them with long and short sleeves, differing lengths, and matching jackets.  


I like the wide-leg pants, but I can't wear that wide-bottom-fitted-top-with-defined-waist silhouette well (I'm fairly slender, but still an apple).  I tend to agree with the old adage of wider bottom with fitted/shorter top or skinny bottom, flowier/longer top


The outfit in #6 is a similar silhouette to #13 IMO. 


I played around with this silhouette today and came up with an outfit I could live with and posted it on my closet thread...




Link to closet thread...


I also have this outfit that I wore a few times last summer (linen blouse and skirt), but this skirt is much less wide than #6...




Anyway, all that just to say that I've been playing around with this silhouette, so appreciate your suggestions.


Gumby hahaha...forgot about gumby!


I'm happy you're enjoying these weekly threads.



@Foxxee  (Polished, yet casual is a perfect description of #6)

@Love my grandkids  

@on the bay



@Susan Louise 













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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 5/1/21)...

@MacDUFF I plan on wearing my white gauze shirt tied the way you have it in your second pic, with my wide-leg jeans to work tomorrow. Having lost my narrow waist to menopause, I find that a shirt tied like that seems to give me the illusion of a smaller waist.

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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 5/1/21)...

#9 is my favorite but I agree that it needs a necklace.  I also love the hat with the outfit but I'm not a hat wearer, personally.  

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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 5/1/21)...

@MacDUFF  You look great in the wide leg jeans and the long skirt outfits you posted.  I love the look of wide leg pants in the summer - on other people. 😁.  I’ve tried wide leg jeans that fit me very well but I felt like the wide legs overwhelmed me even with a more fitted top (I’m a slim petite).  Maybe the ones I tried were too wide of a leg or maybe I’m too short?  I don’t know but I decided they didn’t look good in me. 

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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 5/1/21)...

My favorites


Love this look. Definitely my style. I don't wear my v-necks that low, and I'd wear my wedge espadrilles instead. 

Mother's Day 2021 Jewelry Favorites from James Avery | Cathedrals & Cafes Blog
I love wrap dresses & own several. I can't wear those heeled slides so I'd substitute my own heels or wedges. I'd prefer a handbag with a strap. 
blue wrap dress
I like the denim jacket over the white dress. Not a fan of the bag. 
Subtle Stripes
I also like sheath dresses and own a couple in solid colors.  The print and colors look great on her, but it's too bold for me. 
Cute look. 
cindy hattersley in michaels stars shine tee and gap jeans
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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 5/1/21)...

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@MacDUFF Love 10....for some reason I am fond of wide belts for jackets and long tunics. It looks as though the fashions shown on your pages seem to be more relaxed.

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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 5/1/21)...

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The lady in pink with those big, cranberry necklace needs to skip the necklace with that blouse.  Does not look right together.  What is with the long, long green pants?  Please stop with the blouse tucked into the front of the pants.

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