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Fashion Favorites (w/e 11/19/22)...

My favorite inspiration outfits this week from online browsing/shopping and from some of my favorite fashion bloggers. I couldn't (or wouldn't) necessarily wear any of these, but I like the way they've been styled or some particular component of the outfit. I might put an accessory on my shopping list. Maybe the outfit inspires me to put together something similar from my wardrobe or to try different color combinations. Sometimes, I just love the whole look. Thought I'd share and hope you enjoy...


As always, thank you so much for your comments on these threads. I read them all and especially enjoy reading why you like an outfit or why you don't and how you might tweak an outfit, or what individual pieces you like.


@chrystaltree   I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who collects fashion pics!


@gertrudecloset   Thanks for the shoutout in that very nice thread on community chat.



#3  Love!


#5  Beautiful color


#7  (This one may or may not transfer over properly from PBs...too tired to try and fix it...sorry.)



#10   Classy casual

#11   Vintage Emilio Pucci velvet skirt



#13(b)   This just looks so luxe to me

#14   Right up my alley


#16  Sharp!

Again, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Have a great week.

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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 11/19/22)...

@MacDuFF  LOVE #9 and #12 Heart

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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 11/19/22)...

#9!  Wow!  Do you know where that wrap is from? 

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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 11/19/22)...

Hi @MacDuFF,

That coat in no 1 looks so nice. I don't think the color is spectacular it  just looks nice on her.

None of these clothes though would look good on me. I don't like southwest patterns at all for some reason. I'm not super tall nor super thin. Some of these-the capes and colors and long coats remind me of my step sister and how she dresses.

I love how she looks but none of what she wears would transfer to looking good on me.

Still always fun to look at these and I thank you for psting them!

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and all here too!

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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 11/19/22)...

Interesting collection....a bit edgy, ethnic, southwesten Pendelton vibe.  Exploring new it!  #1...a classic walker coat with leather pants and combat boots, an unexpected pairing but adds interest and I give kudos for pushing boundaries.   #5 knocks my socks off, must have that sweater!


Thanks for the share @MacDuFF  

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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 11/19/22)...

#5 and #6 Please!  #5 - that color is just unbelievaly gorgeous!  And I love the print on the sweater of #6.  I want both of these!!!  

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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 11/19/22)...

[ Edited ]

No surprise...I love the jacket in #1, lol. She looks great overall the way she's styled, and the color looks lovely on her. Also, she looks like she could live in my neck of the woods...she just looks like CT shoreline to me there.


I like #3 too...all the accessories as well. Something about the jeans are bothering me...a bit high waist schlumpy...not bad, but feeling like I'd want a more streamlined looking jean. Anyway it's a nit-pick as I still like the look.


#9 Nice SWest look. Reminds me so much of the owner of a SW shop I worked for 5 yrs ago.


#10 IS "classy casual"...also classy business. Very nice.


#13a/b Love that coat... luxe as you say. Jacket nice too.


I love #15 ...the wrap, the glasses, and those bo-ho very long flares with pointed boots. Very cute on her.


Thanks for sharing @MacDuFF Happy Sunday, all!



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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 11/19/22)...



Love them all (as usual), but #14 is "right up my alley" too.  We must be neighbors 😉.


Thanks for posting and have a great Thanksgiving!

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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 11/19/22)...

[ Edited ]

favorites: the sweater in #5 and the wraps in #9 and 15. 

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Re: Fashion Favorites (w/e 11/19/22)...

@MacDuFF  Happy Thanksgiving! My 🦃 is thawing in the fridge as I write my opinions on fashions.

I have to say that I'm not crazy about the coat in picture #1. It reminds me of an orange one my grandmother had with big buttons to close it. I think it was boiled wool, but not sure.


However, I love the purple sweater and matching nail polish in #5. I am a purple girl! I need that sweater.

#14-I love fair isle sweaters, but haven't found a color scheme I liked enough to wear. Still searching.

Enjoy your day, everyone. 😊