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Re: Fashion Favorites/Inseams (w/e 5/14/22)...

@MacDuFF  I also think #3 is the perfect ankle length. I have a hard time finding a good ankle length for me. I'm 5'9" tall with long legs. I have the best luck with IM ankle pants in a tall. Most others fit me like #7, which I don't like. For me that length feels awkward. I also like #8. Really sharp. You had some really good pics this week. I really enjoy your posts.❤️

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Re: Fashion Favorites/Inseams (w/e 5/14/22)...

I definitely prefer a full length pant or jean all year long. For my height that’s 32 inches. That length works with my heels and flats. I have a few pairs that have a 30 inch inseam that I wear only with flats. They are more like ankle pants for me. 

I don’t own any crop pants. I think they’re ok in warm weather. I know shorter lengths have been trending a few years, but I just can’t get past a shorter pant, especially in cold weather.

My least favorite is #21. I think the Capri length is the least flattering length because it usually hits at the widest part of your calf just like in this photo. 

Love the length in #2 & 3. I agree with you. They look “perfect”. 

Don’t care for #12, 15, 16, 20. Not my style. The pants are too short or too wide or both. #16 & 19 are too long. I never want my pant to drag the floor or ground. 

Others are ok. 

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Re: Fashion Favorites/Inseams (w/e 5/14/22)...

#3, #11 and #16 are my favorites this week.  Minor critique on #11...I'm not feeling her pony tails and #16 would probably look better with a darker (winter white) pant instead.

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