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I love the green dress that Miranda is wearing!  One of my favorite colors. I would wear that dress in a heartbeat!

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Why do some women think that having half of their breasts showing is fashionable.  To me it is tacky and shows insecurity in their personality as if that is the only thing that makes them important.  My rant.

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Thought the pantsuit looks sort of like a 70's throwback.

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Maren Morris in Christian Siriano



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@Greeneyedlady21 wrote:

Maren Morris in Christian Siriano



She looks like a shell. She's got the body to wear this but is so tiny that it swallows her up.

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A little too much you-know-what showing.....tacky.



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That's why they are singing country, the outfits are horrible.  I like Reba but come on, what was she thinking?  Kelly looked like a matronly woman in that dress.  Miranda Lambert dress is okay but the clutch bag is a mess.  And, Nicole Kidman who normally looks good -- where did she get that dress?  OMG!  Even Carrie could have done a lot better.

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@beckyb1012 wrote:

Nicole's dress looked like something from a Vampire movie and Carrie would look better choosing something that did not show she still as a tad bit of pregnancy weight to loose.  (in comparison to her former photos) Reba's was o.k., but the best part was wearing cowboy boots with what appears to be a Flapper Dress.  That ombre suit just reminds me of Miley Cyrus and that is definitely not a good thing.  Other than that the men looked great.

@beckyb1012  Nicole's dress did have a gothic look to it. I thought it would have looked better sleeveless too though I still don't care for it..

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Re: Fashion At ACM Awards

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They're singing country because they're outfits are horrible? What does that even mean?  LOL


Country singers are not know for dressing very well IMO.  They almost always look pretty bad.  Miranda's dress was the pretties.


To me it's rare that Nicole Kidman looks good on a red carpet.  Sorry.  And this dress is horrible.  And she needs to add some depth to her hair.  It's the same color as her skin and washes her out. Carrie's dress isn't good and neither is her hair.  She needs to ditch that poof and those overly long extensions.  


Kacey Musgrave's pantsuit looks very 70's and I'm not sure why she would have to wear the blazer opened like that?  


I am not a Maran Morris fan at all anyhow but that dress is ridiculous.  How would she even sit in that without it going up to show her whoohaa?


Reba's dress in this photo is bad.  It looks like a costume. 


Luke Bryan's wife's dress looks like it has a sheer panel of fabric, it's not open on the side like that but it's still bad.