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dRe: Fabulous 60’s Fun!

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Not sure why looking back the fashions seem like fun!

However, it is probably because those seemed like carefree, simpler times!

I don't see them as carefree, simpler times.


Civil rights marches, Vietnam War, assassinations.



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Loved the clothes.


I wish I still had some of those pieces, my silver empire waisted mini dress and my embroidered bellbottoms.  


And the Christmas my parents gave me a gift under the tree, a card that read, "You Will Be Taken to buy the Maxi Coat of your Choice".  Oh, did I wear the heck out of that coat.

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I remember the Shift Dress, the Umpire Dress and the Baby Doll Dress.  Also, those huge Bell Bottom's.


The Wrap Dress was a little later, early 70's. 


Fun stuff!



The middle model is Colbeen Corby, my favorite!


Thank you guys for adding on to this subject!

I think it is great fun...

we lived in Bedford Indiana at this time, and there weren’t many tv channels for watching news, etc. 

‘My impressions of the 60’s was shaped by Seventeen magazine and music. In some ways it was nice to have extra time to day dream and sew!

At Indiana University, I kept waiting to see sit-ins, which were long gone by the time I got there!

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I loved Mad Men and I loved the fashions. I think my favorite was Joan in what they called a wiggle dress. Christina Hendricks sure put some fabulous wiggle in those dresses 



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Yes, we did wear the heck out of our coats, shoes, and handbags in those days.


All worn down and out.

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