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Re: FINALLY! Linea Leisure Long Skirt Available! A262069

On 2/6/2015 wonderwoman100 said:
On 2/6/2015 taja123 said:

HSN likes to clear out the warehouse to bring in BRAND NEW ITEMS from season to season. Unlike others who just ship to the warehouse and bring them out till they dry rot.

Not sure what you are talking about, this skirt is a brand new item.

I'm not sure what taja123 is referring to either; but as many of us have stated QVC sure can make clothing look horrible with the terrible photos and accessories. I would never buy this skirt or many other items if I looked at these horrible pictures. Even Sears Roebuck's 100 year old catalogs had better visuals than the Q. Thank goodness for live fashions shows; reruns and Louis's website. This skirt looks horrible in this shot! You'd never know it is part of the new upscale LL.