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I don't buy much from any shopping channel.  Do most of my clothes shopping at Macy's, i.e., Karen Scott, Charter Club, JM.  But at the Q when items are on sale, I've had no problems with D&C and SG.  On HSN, I like Iman, G by  Guiliana, Nina Leonard.  On ShopHQ, OSO Casuals is my favorite.


Would never buy shoes without trying on first unless I already had the shoe and knew that it fit.



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So very sorry you are having an issue.  I am not a petite and I keep busy in retirement by working for a large national boutique type store.


I would advise you to look at Lands End, Talbots, Soft Surroundings, and J Jill, and other vendors and find the styling which speaks to you.

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I can't read your whole post due to lack of paragraphs and sentences running together but I get the gist.


I order lots of clothing, too much actually, and almost never send anything back due to sizing.  Before I pull the trigger on any purchase, I consult the actual garment measurements and compare them to a well fitting garment I've taken from my closet and also measured.  I also read reviews and consider the type of fabric, as listed, and its possible stretch factor.


I find that Q clothing, within the various brands, runs very true to size.  So much so that when I receive something new, I often don't bother trying it on until I wear it for the first time.


If you have trouble fitting shoes, I'd buy them only where you can try them on.  They are not necessarily consistent in size.

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I buy a lot of clothig here and my favorite line right now is probably Kim Gravel.  I like a lot of her tops.


As for pants, I just lost 20 lbs. and in the past found Quacker Factory's Dream Jeannes to fit well and be very comfortable.  I would love to get more of their straight leg jeans but they are out of almost all sizes and have been so for a long time!


I decided to give Susan Graver & a pair of Logo jeans a try.....keeping my fingers crossed that they fit well and I won't have to return them.


I go by the sizing chart for each individual item....where it says, "To see the specific garment measurements for this item, click here." at the bottom of the description. I find this helps a lot!



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Most of my purchases are:


Pants - from LOGO and Denm & Co 


Tops - I like Tolani and Attitudes.


Most of what QVC sells just isn't my style - but occasionally there will be a piece that "calls my name."


I'll generally watch when LOGO or Renee are on.  I'll run through the "recently on air" for other vendors.

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@MesaFan  - Maybe you should shop local instead.

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I would stick with the places you seem to have good luck with already.


I shop around locally and at the Q.  I know my measurements and what styles work better for me.   I like to try on my stuff before I purchase the best, especially in pants.  


I have learned by trial and error what brands work the best for me on the Q.  But the garment measurements and reviews are helpful.