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It's even worse when people put this nonsense in the reviews!   I don't care where you are going and what you are matching it with, tell me how it fits!!!   LOL, it's crazy.

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I thought the show was boring with all the prints!

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It is very silly.  They all do it now so I have to think it's a managemnet directive.

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@LindaSal wrote:

It's even worse when people put this nonsense in the reviews!   I don't care where you are going and what you are matching it with, tell me how it fits!!!   LOL, it's crazy.



I hate it when they don't tell you what color they got either, especially if it's a three or four hundred dollar handbag. 


I want to know what color you got if you hate it or what color you got when you say it's fabulous. 


Some of those reviews put everything but the kitchen sink in them, but still don't tell you how it fits or what color they got. 


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Enough is right.


Last night I saw Skechers being shown.  The host went on for many minutes yakking to the vendor about vendor's 2 daughters and how they've grown,yadda yadda.


Vendor looked uncertain, I think she wanted to talk about the sneakers.  Host blabbering away (I don't know her name).


Yes. I changed the channel.

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What so many here are not realizing is that very few watch steady and I would think that most purchases are made by those channel surfing so that is why they spend so much time on items!!  It's not like the time before the internet when that is the only way to see products.  I know when I see something while channel surfing that captures my attention, I go directly to the internet and read more and purchase!

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@Caaareful Shopper wrote:

Doesn't bother me anymore.  


This morning's D&C show is quite stiff and tiring though.  I keep leaving the channel and coming back every 15 minutes or so.  


Maybe I just don't see anything I want.



I have bought some really nice things from QVC and I look through the offerings each day and the clothes and shoes are just plain ugly anymore. I don't know what happened but it sure isn't working for me.

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They must be relying on some kind of research as the reason why they constantly tell us where, and in what situations, we can wear their things. Yet, I've never heard a single female that has no idea where she can wear the clothes she's shopping for. Maybe it's some very old study they looked at. Maybe they saw a consistent spike in sales on the units sold monitor whenever they gave out this information. Maybe the telling  just serves as time filler talk which helps them stretch the presentations out. All I know is that this strategy has never had any effect on my buying. 

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@Group 5 minus 1 wrote:

And spending a lot of presentation time looking at themselves in the monitor.

I think they are watching the monitors to see how the items are showing on the broadcast and what is coming up 

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I don't watch this particular denim & co show any longer.  It's like nails on a chalkboard with this host.   And, I jusI don't care how many pairs of beach pants Pam has, it does not make me want them.  I wonder if they've done some sort of research about who buys denim & co and adjust the models to the sizes that sell the most.  I don't know, but its gotten unwatcheable, they really need to revamp everything.