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Re: Enough is Enough AM Style

I have no problem having beauty products in AM style but the presentations are too long for any TSV.  Maybe the perfector was shown twice because there is no total program devoted to Calista products?  So if a TSV is a flatiron, it would usually be shown as one product among others on a beauty show???  I really have no interest in a flat iron so to me it was a total bore. 

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Re: Enough is Enough AM Style

I don't think there is anything wrong with beauty products being shown in style shows.  Beauty is also a part of one's style.


However, every single time I flipped over to QVC on Saturday, they were presenting that Calista product.  I am not exaggerating either.  They were showing it at least 2 times per each show. 

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Re: Enough is Enough AM Style

It seems that all there is on qvc,is repeat of everything they try to sell.IT use to be fun to watch,but now I hardly watch.I will check the schedule,an if there is something that I am interested in then I will watch.Woman Sad