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I'm not really a Clarks fan and agree they have been on way too much. However, it's the Orthaheel overload that has been getting on my nerves.

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Yep. I bought two pair of the unstructured shoes a few years ago and because they are so well made, have no need for more. Still wear them. Great shoes.

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Frankly, I'd rather watch Amy and Clarks' presentations than endless weeks and month of Chaz Dean fluffing and caressing models' hair!!!!

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I do have a pair of the Clark's high heeled booties that are adorable. But like all things QVC, they beat a horse to death with these marathons.
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I LOVE the Clarks brand, however, it would cost me an extra $23 to buy the ones that were $130. Thats my sales tax and then the shipping cost. So I buy them locally. Tax is a little less in other cities but at least no shipping.

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Clark's has many styles... Not all are the frumpy they have several cute and stylish shoes, you just have to search. I agree on air they show the more "comfortable style" shoes. The reason QVC airs this style is because they believe that many of the viewers are older and want this style and that some viewers don't shop online. I don't agree that this is true but this is what they think. That is also the reason for the overload of Orthaheel. I am over fifty I own Clarks, and some Orthaheel, that I slip into as soon as I come home from work. Anyway I hope that the recent change in the QVC management will bring some fresh thinking. Yes many viewers of the shows don't go online and shop, so they only way for them to see or purchase is to view on the shows. I think things are changing and more are able to go online. But for those who can't I can understand and don't want them to miss out. So perhaps they will bring us some new choices and also keep the others as well. I love to shop and don't want anyone to miss out. Oh, have you seen where Marc Fisher has a show on Monday I think. Also I have read the Aimee Kestenberg will have a shoe line offering soon. QVC is a 24 hour shopping channel, I think there is room for everyone, and some new vendors to spice it up will be welcome, and keep the tried and true vendors as well.

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ditto , its either ClARKS OR Liam THE british guy and his shoes .. enough people

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I've seen some cute Clarks shoes and boots at the mall stores! Not so much on the Q.

I'm not able to wear that brand at all. I have a narrow heel and my heel can't find a pair of Clarks that fits at all. I slosh around in everything I've ever tried on.