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I don't think at all about belt loops.

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@NYCLatinaMe wrote:


I don't think at all about belt loops.

@NYCLatinaMe Well now you know and you won't miss these critical details about people!  Woman LOLWoman Wink

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In my opinon it depends on your torso and body shape.


Slim, tall  when your short from waist up but after that become long down to ankles (sorry I forget what I am as it always confused me)


I think she looks fine.


I  need a 10.50 inch waist jean to feel conformatable and it is not falling down.  I do prefer belts.  


With that said, a loose hight waisted slack would agree with me with wider legs but waist fitting as well, no belt needed.



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I wear jeans with button and zipper.  None of the QVC pull up jeans for me.  I wear my jeans tucked in with a belt or I do a half tuck. 

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I do it all the time.  The only time I wear a belt with jeans is with those super stretchy jeans that tend to scooch down, so I have to wear a belt to keep them up.  Other than that, I have trouble finding belts that work, and I often find them uncomfortable.  Either they're too wide, or too heavy, or the color doesn't work.  And fanny packs are just a huge no IMO.  

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I hate wearing belts, anything too tight.


I prefer slouchy and don't care what others think.  They are often wrong anyway. Cat Very Happy

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I don't really care if people wear empty belt loops. It is a look I've seen more of in recent years. 


I can't remember ever seeing my niece wear a belt, and she just turned 21. My husband is a "tucker", and he wears a belt every day, even with his jeans. My sister hates belts. She thinks they're uncomfortable. I guess we all do what works for us. 

I like to wear a belt if the loops are exposed when I'm tucking in my shirt. It looks more finished to me, especially in a more tailored trouser. Empty belt loops on jeans seems to work better because the fabric and styles are more casual. JMO


All of my jeans and most of my pants have a zipper and belt loops. I need a belt to hold my pants at my waist because I usually have to order up a size to get a better fit in my hips. When I do that the waist is too big. I have no desire to wear low slung pants or walk around all day pulling my pants back to my waist. 


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Belts, especially those of good quality that one would want to wear, are not always easy for those of us in the higher end of sizes to find.


Anthropology and Ralph Lauren offer a small selection, but those are not always economical for everyone. -- Signed, someone who finishes her projects, pays attention to details and cares about her clothing and appearance