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@Squirrels Are Trash,

I agree with you! Wear something or I think it looks unfinished or could also be sloppy looking!

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@kate2357   I never realized Belt carrier was a different term not heard of.


I have been using this term for years.  I think I picked it up from my sewing teacher..or maybe my mother.  I don't  know.


I found info when I looked up the term.



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I don't wear anything tucked in any longer so not a problem for me.


In answer to your question, I don't care for the look of empty belt loops.



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  When I was young I hated belts and never wore them, so nothing new here.  Still dont like belts.

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@ECBG @Imaoldhippie @OKPrincess @Carmie @meallen616 


oh, I just want to finish off their outfits so bad!

Perhaps if pants have a detail such as this I wouldn't wear a belt.




It seems to me that when a blouse loops over the top of pants it looks ok to me.

And I haven't worn a belt in years...they would be uncomfortable to me.

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@Desertdi wrote:

Your waistline would be soaking wet if you wore a belt when it's over 100+ degrees outside...

How true. 

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Re: Empty Pant Belt Loops

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Sometimes I wear a belt, sometimes not. Sometimes a belt just looks too prim for me, I prefer an edgier look. 

There are no hard and fast rules of fashion anymore, despite what mothers or grandmothers may have taught. 

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@Julie_23 wrote:


@ECBG -- do you know where the photo was taken from with the pink cargo wide leg pants?  What brand?

@Julie_23  Use

Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 7.58.45 AM.pngwhich is faster than waiting for a response on a message board.  whistling.gif

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I personally don’t think it looks bad. Not sure if I’d even notice that. I haven’t tucked in years so I don’t wear belts.
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@ECBG   LOL. Those black leather pants are way too tight to fall down.


I don't like wearing belts if at all possible. I feel suffocated and try to wear tops that I can half tuck to cover the waists or tops that are worn over the belt loops. BTW, I have no waist...a rectangle shape or really an inverted triangle with broad shoulders. I. know I should "create" a waist, but I just don't like that look on my short torso.


Thanks for posting the photos and I'm interested to see what others think.