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There's "lace" and then there's "LACE."


I wear a lot of crochet lace which tends to be a bit more "robust" (for want of a better word).  


I'm not a fan of any of those items pictured.



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Yay for the first three!!

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I tend to avoid lace.  I have never really cared for it.

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Very pretty but boy, if Lace doesn’t make me itchy!

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I like to dress girly so I love lace. However, it is not a durable fabric - easily catches and can tear or pull. For that reason , I try to limit it and when it is just a portion of the garment, look for oieces where the lace is less likely to be ruined. For instance I own a pretty pink T shirt with a lace yolk, and a two- fer top where the inner piece is lace but the cardigan is not,and a couple short sleeve tops where just the sleeves are lace.I have a beautiful crochet shrug but it seems every other time I wear it I find something that I have to mend.

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Love lace!   Love that chocolate option!  Very unique.


I wash lace only by hand.  Lay flat to dry on my drying rack.

I wouldn't have the nerve to machine wash it, no matter what they say.  It just doesn't seem 'right'.  (To me, anyway.)

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I don’t like lace, so none of these appeal to me.


They are pretty, but not my style.

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Love this one!

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I just bought Isaac's lace ankle pants in black and in blue.  They are so comfy and cute.  Bought his lace tunics in black, blue and pink.  And I have many lace tanks and tunics.


The right lace is not itchy and is soft.  I wash mine in the washer with my usual wash load and some hang to dry and some just throw in the dryer.  Today's lace is easy to take care of.  I just do not wash anything lace with bras because of the hooks.