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Elie Saab | Fall/Winter 2021/22 | Paris Fashion Week

For those that may have caught The Szish List tonight, there was an awesome Dennis Basso black, and white topper A395901, and that Dennis, and Katrina mentioned black and white having a moment on the runways.


Elle Saab got the memo, his Fall/Winter 2021/22 is a WOW...



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Re: Elie Saab | Fall/Winter 2021/22 | Paris Fashion Week

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I love black and white clothing and I am one who likes white on the bottom and black on the top because of my upside down figure.  With big shoulders and narrow hips, it works for me.


You can always look at the paint colors in the fashionable homes and see what will be on the runway and in automobiles.  Many of the "trending homes" are using black paints in their interiors, even the kitchen (if only with black cabinets but some with black walls) and many homes with contractor white throughout.  Then there are the specified colors trending from benjamin moore of turq, bright yellow, cherry and some other of the lesser used colors.


P.S.  I caught Katrina and Dennis last night.  I love that top.  Not sure it would look good on me but it is a gorgeous jacket/top.

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Re: Elie Saab | Fall/Winter 2021/22 | Paris Fashion Week

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I went over to the official site......Wow, all beautiful designs.  p.s.  (I viewed the Autumn/Winter Collection.)  


Thank you.  Heart

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