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Just seen new Logo tsv has 10% ‘elastane.’


 As I did not know the difference between that and spandex I googled and asked that question.


Answer no difference just another name we call it spandex and in other countries called elastane but virtually the same.  So why call it elastane now instead of spandex? 


Only reason I checked is I thought there was a difference as for me me anything above 5% spandex in summer unwearable and maybe elastane would work.  Now I know.

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@dulwich    I think they're both brand names for similar products.  I know Spandex is a brand...when properly written, it's always capitalized.  Just like Velcro is a brand and is capitalized.

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@Kachina624   I just thought elastane was something different! and maybe, for me, more wearable that is why I googled it!  Thanks for  your response.

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There are a lot of interesting fabrics on QVC. Side stitch features "Tencera" which is a branded tencel, which is lyocell and made from cellulose. Yep. You are wearing washed wood fibers. Hopefully this washing process makes the fabric less interesting to insects! But it is biodegradable!!

  There was a tsv recently made from Bamboo. With the price of oil so low, I was expecting Susan Graver's liquid knit polyester clothes prices to come down in price, lol.

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I live part of the year in the UK & shop QVC  UK when Im there.  Last year I noticed they used elastane instead of spandex, with one host saying they had been instructed to do so.  QVC  here has not changed.  

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Elastane and spandex are the same thing in terms of what it is (a stretchy polyester fiber).  It's been around a lot longer than we think.  Early versions may have been floating around since the 1930s.  It was in the 1950s when DuPont really marketed it hard to  clothing makers with their (trademarked name) Lycra Spandex fiber.


There are several brands of spandex/elastane in the world, but like Kleenex many people refer to all of it as Lycra or spandex, and in Europe it's generally called elastane.  That may explain why QVC UK refers to it as elastane while our QVC does not.