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Easter funny

We were admiring the pictures of some gym ladies all dressed up in their pretty new  dresses for Easter dinner when someone asked what we were all looking at.... my brain froze and I said...looking at pictures of “feaster “frocks.That has become the new word of the day at the gym.So who wore a feaster frock to dinner this year?

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Re: Easter funny

Now you started something...LOL   I read this and I laughed to myself and I moved onto another post that was titled Easter but I read it as....Feaster....LOL   Then hubby just left to go to CVS for batteries and I asked him to bring back some Feaster candy....LOL    He said....what????  Which is when I realized what I said....LOL   

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Re: Easter funny

Feaster frocks, by use of some hidden elastic, allows one to pig out at any holiday normally involving a lot of food, like Thanksgiving.  Just keep your colors seasonal.

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Re: Easter funny



Hope you got this!  Russell Stover's strawberry cream!  It also comes out in hearts!


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