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@Shelbelle That announcement was in my e-mail this a.m.---' gotta' admit--- I 'm easy. $10.00 of and I was thiers for a lot of the day ! Smiley Happy I would love to recieve an e-mail from the Q like that---hope springs eternal. Smiley Happy


@Andreatoo I think that top is very pretty. 

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This site was new to me when I saw it on the tv. I Googles info about it and there were many bad reviews from people. Not one had a good thing to say. Bad customer service and other things. Please check it out. I don't want to hear anyone got taken.

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@Blk&GoldFanIt was presented during the clearance 24 hours on Evine. Was under $20 but don't know how much it is now.


@White Picket Fencethank you for the concern but I've been shopping with them since they were ShopNBC and I haven't been 'taken' yet..but I do receive lots of great stuff at competitive prices!