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I very much enjoy the Dooney & Bourke bags that I have collected over the years. I take good care of them and they last forever. I am considering the TSV but, the reason I haven't just jumped on it is because of the snaps instead of zippers! I understand the two little outside pockets being designed with snaps. It helps create the "ruffled" look.


However, it drives me nuts that these bags that cost hundreds of dollars don't have zippers to protect our valuable items! All the protection r/t RFID is lost if the bags are pretty much just opened up and inviting old time pick pockets to follow us around, just waiting for the right moment! Yes, there is that little zippered pocket....they don't do much to hold a wallet, smart phone, tablet, or anything else of value (personally or the traditional objects). 


I hope someone from D&B will read this. I speak for myself however, I feel there are other probably many many other women out there that feel the same way as me. Out of my personal friends....age range from late 30's up to mid 60's.....everyone of us prefer bags with zippers and a bright colored lining. I think D&B, thankfully does a good job with colored lining, for the most part. But, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE~close the bags with zippers! In this age of information being so easily accessed, a $3.00 zipper won't be too big an addition to give your customers that extra bit of security!! 

How do you all feel about this little fashion glitch?

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Generally I agree about zippers.  They are my favorite bag closure.  However, given the stye of this bag, I don't mind the mag snap.

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I prefer a zipper.  Kirsten just said 16,000 have sold, so a lot don't mind no zipper.

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@Gemspirit wrote:

the reason I haven't just jumped on it is because of the snaps instead of zippers! ...


However, it drives me nuts that these bags that cost hundreds of dollars don't have zippers to protect our valuable items!


@Gemspirit  You are absolutely right. I took one look at how the sides gape open even when the bag is snapped shut that i rejected it immediately.  I don't want to have to "worry" every minute about my valuables in a bag that doesn't zip shut.  Even aside from the pickpocket aspect of it, things can fall out of it when you stop fast in the car and your bag falls over.  Uh uh.  I'm like you about security in a bag.  The more security the better. 


You also raise a great point about QVC hawking RFID protection constantly, yet allowing such a great bag to be constructed for a TSV without much security.  Again, I wouldn't even consider it. I'd either not use  it much or worry constantly when I carried it trying to be supercautious about keeping it closed using my arm with the purse close up to my body.  Not for me.


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Dooney makes tons of bags with top zippers and I certainly don't want that to be the only option. 

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@GemspiritI am also one who wants her bags to zip closed, but I don't have any bag designed like this one, so I'm guessing it's an issue not solved so simply as a sewing in a cheap cheap zipper.  Wouldn't the zipper have to be flexible for a bag of this design? 


I do like the look of the bag as it is, and certainly don't need another one unless the style is a bit different from the ones I already own.

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It would ruin the design of the bag to put zippers. It would be like putting an outiside pocket on the zip zip.


only put an umbrella or bus pass. Since I don't carry an iPhone 6 ( or any other $$$ phone), it wouldn't bother me to put my phone there. After spending many years in an urban area, I have adjusted.


Most of the more expensive bags don't have RFID security. I guess you just buy one of those 10 dollar RFID wallets and keep in the bag.  It is a shame that we now have to think of these things.


Fortunately, Dooney's not the only brand.


For all who have purchased this TSV, I hope you love it.

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I'm one of thos that prefer the magnetic snap closure on my bags. They are much more convenient to me. Zippers sometimes require both hands to get in or out and I don't have that bother with a snap. Especially when I'm out shopping and I need both hands. Also, I don't have to put my bag down to unzip a zipper as well. Many of my bags require I place it down to work the zipper. This TSV Dooney bag is a winner to me, I love it exactly as it is. Hope you can find a bag to your liking this visit with Dooney. Smiley Happy

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I prefer the magnets, I just love much more convenient for me.   Zippers can be an inconvenience sometimes... I normally have a small crossbody in my bag.. I carry  it into most places to shop with. One of the reasons I prefer a more open top bag. I just like to be able to reach into it whenever, without having to fiddle with a zipper..


 I'm just happy that they are giving options !! 

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when I said a $3.00 zipper it was just a random amount. I wouldn't expect a bag costing close to $300, I would think D&B could afford a good zipper; whether it be Teflon/silicone based or, a brass one. I don't want to lose anything in my bags some things are valuable due to sentiment. I think on that bag a zipper on the main compartment and the snaps on the outer ones would still create the same design effect.


Also to the other customer who posted ( I'm sorry, I can't go back to the post to get your name 💛 )~I understand you don't want every bag from every vendor to be zippered. But, there has been a complete flip-flop from the way bags used to be made over the past ten years or so. It's difficult now to find a zippered bag. There are also options with things like buckles, big hooks, etc. I would just like more security. Even super high end designers are going back to more secure hardware.