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Just to let anyone who is interested in Dooney and Bourke bags know, they are having the 12 days of Christmas now. I believe it started today. Every day there will be a selection of handbags for a very good price. Today the price is $99.00 for the ones they have chosen for the day. Some are leather tooSmiley Happy

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Re: Dooney 12 Days of Christmas

Is anyone doing the links on these days as they come up this year?  I got my notice on the first day, but usually someone does a link just after midnight for the new day that gets me into the newest day before I get a notice or can find it at all on Dooney and Bourke for some reason.  If someone is doing the days right as they come up, please direct me to where, and if someone isn't doing the individual days this year, maybe someone would consider it.  Hopeful face. LOL  Thanks.

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Re: Dooney 12 Days of Christmas

I went over there and looked and didn't see anything I wanted. Now that they have cut back so much on the Florentine line there isn't much there for me. 

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Re: Dooney 12 Days of Christmas

i would not post any links......the moderators have been deleting them pretty quickly. you can almost always find the links via their facebook page.


i am looking at the mini cristina or the claremont woven field bag for my daughter for christmas......she has asked for a crossbody smaller dooney. not sure which style or color to go with. does anyone happen to own either of these?

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