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Re: Donna Mills in a white pantsuit

@SeaMaiden, I am sure I bought that eye makeup kit. However, I may be the only person in existence who still has the Eyes Have It VHS tape! I watched it over and over, knowing I could never look that beautiful because our coloring is similar, but my eye shape is different. It was a lot of fun trying, though.

I have always been a huge fan of Donna’s. She always seemed very down to earth in real life. She was always so beautifully dressed and groomed, a real lady. Even when she was playing a femme fatale like Abby on Knots Landing, she always had a softer side. As evil as she could be, she was a great mother, always there for her children. I was happy when she had a chance to be a real mother later in life through adoption.

If you want to see Donna at her young, dewy best, catch her in Play Misty for Me with Clint Eastwood. Just don’t look at the release date of that movie or you will be very sad! Where did all those years go?