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Re: Does anyone else HATE pockets?

Carrying a cell phone/smart phone in your pocket makes perfect sense if you are outside, away from your house for protection.  That was the primary reason to have a cell/smart phone and a pocket to keep it handy to use it quickly. One reason I want a pocket on my clothing.

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Re: Does anyone else HATE pockets?

@ECBG wrote:

I just refust to buy "pork chop" pockets or any pocket that is sewn through the front creating a circle on each hip.  


Why not just paint a stop sign on each hip and be done?

I love pockets, they give me something to put my hands in. But you are right, those type of pockets do look silly. 

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Re: Does anyone else HATE pockets?

I'm not a fan of pockets in pants but I love them in dresses that are not form fitting.


On the rare occasion that I wear jeans, the only thing I put in a pocket is a tissue and money. 


I am not tied to my cell phone in the house as we use our landline.  When I go out, I use a wristlet for my phone. I've never put my phone in my pocket.