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@jlkz wrote:

Did you ever wonder what is happening internally to the organs that are being compresses for hours ?


I don’t think it is very healthy!!!!

What happens to stomach sleepers?

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skinny tees is all--have no need for anything else.

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No. Shapewear is actually painful for me, its binding and I don't think its very healthy.  I wear a half slip if I have a skirt on and I wear underneath tank tops but mostly for an extra layer of warmth.  I can't stand anything that is constricting. 

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@ALRATIBA. I was reading thru this thread...what type of shape wear do you have that has a built in bra....I am a 32 DDD and have never found anything that would support me like a bra does with an underwire....and I feel like I have looked everywhere.

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Re: Do you wear shapewear?

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Currently, Ambrielle from JCP.   I'm "barely" a "B" cup .. so bra support isn't an issue.   My issue is long torso - so I have to add "bra extenders" to bottom opening.


I also have some "wear your own bra" shapers that I've found in various stores.   


JCP and Hanes (online) are where I get most of my underwear.   For me - they have the best selection.



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I heard a host ask a model if she was wearing shapewear!!!! I thought that was embarrassing and inappropriate
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I can always see Carolyn's shape wear lines on her thighs.  They make longer ones where the lines wouldn't be visible but maybe she doesn't know they show. 

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I always wear some sort of shaper.  Been doing it all my adult life.


I think my clothes fit and look better with shapewear than without.  






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Aah. To be three years younger again and so cavalier! LOL

now I could use some medical grade saran wrap to cover my entire body! LOL