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@Andreatoo  Nothing nasty or absurb about it as far as I am concerned, but I respect your opinion.  We will just have to agree to disagree😉

@NJgirl 1205 

It ceases to be an opinion when you declare what other people are thinking. I don't wear shapewear so, according to you, I don't care how I look?!

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I hear it mentioned and I see presentations but it hasn't yet occurred to me to put on an extra layer of clothing. Not that I couldn't use it! I think all of us of a certain age probably have lumps and bumps best kept hidden regardless of our weight. If a piece highlights my lumps and bumps I just don't wear it but occasionally I've looked at those starter kits, as I call them, and wonder if I shouldn't have them in my arsenal? The closest I get to shape wear is probably a long line panty under a dress or jumpsuit but that's about panty lines and not about compression.

Do you wear it regularly or just special occasions? I'm curious if it's as prevalent as the sales would have us believe

Absolutely not.  I like to be comfortable.

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I think I will stick with the skimmies for under dresses and jumpsuits. I watched the thin stincts presentation and saw no difference to that of the skimmy. For what they are charging for one I could probably get four or five of the jockeys!

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I let it all hang out. I could NEVER wear shapewear or any compression garment. When I was a teenager, I wore those girdles that attached to nylons - wore them under dresses when I went to work or out socially. Those days are long over.

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@kivah, good for you for owning it and allowing it to all hang out. Nothing wrong with you choosing comfort.
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Re: Do you wear shapewear?

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When I turned 45 I invested in some cami shapers (remember those?), I figured another layer of clothing everyday couldn't be that bad. After all, I deserved to "let myself go" after raising our three children to adulthood. But then something clicked, and I realized it was time for me to put  my own physical, mental, and spirtual needs first. Once I made that decision, I never looked back. So I work to keep my body fit and toned and I only wear fabrics that make me look my best. My only "must wear" undergarments are my Soma panties because I detest panty lines.

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Re: Do you wear shapewear?

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Nope, I let all of my 120 pounds hang out. I do not like those things.Smiley Mad  I am fit. I work out and I watch  what I eat.It is  better and healthier then forcing yourself into a tight sausage casing not for me.Smiley Very Happy

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@Andreatoo fyi, amy, on her Amy Adores Accesories show on as i post this, said she was wearing spank higher power because she was wearing a dress.  she flashed her thigh.  she was presenting the spanx cami.

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@NYCLatinaMe I'm sure she did and she's the type person I'd like to see do a before-and-after! I'd like to see the difference on her