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Re: Do you wear shapewear?

@NJgirl 1205 wrote:
My opinion- Everyone can use a little shapewear just like everyone can use a little lipstick, blush and mascara. Some save these things for special occasions, some always want to look their best and use them every day, and others don’t care and never use makeup or Shapewear. It’s a personal choice.

@NJgirl 1205 

What a nasty thing to say! Those that don't wear shapewear (or makeup) don't care about how they look?! It's patently absurd!

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Re: Do you wear shapewear?

Only when I'm getting dressed up to go to a wedding, which isn't very often!

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Re: Do you wear shapewear?

I wear high-waisted light compression Spanx to Weddings and Funerals (if it's a close relative and I wear a dress).

I always can't wait to get home and take them off. I hate uncomfortable anything more and more each day. 

I have been trying to make my closet more comfortable. I will go through the Summer stuff and donate in a few weeks.

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Re: Do you wear shapewear?

I read this thread a couple days ago and went shopping for a casual maxi dress yesterday. I bought a solid light stone color maxi that has a simple shift/rather straight shape with an asymmetric seam near the bottom. I didn't try it on until I got home. I first tried it without shapewear and thought it was okay. Then I tried it with a pair of Jockey Skimmies that gently smooth, and I liked the dress much more with a sleeker/smoother look. I'll keep wearing Skimmies with form-fitting dresses and skirts. However, I did read news articles a year or so ago that stated some compression shapewear has caused physical problems (I think they might have been acid reflux, indigestion, etc.) as a previous poster has alluded. I've worn a stronger compression cami or a high-waist compression brief as a little support when I've had a back ache, and I never incurred any problems wearing them.

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Re: Do you wear shapewear?

I wear a very light compression shapewear that I purchased from TJ Maxx.  I wear it to give a smoother appearance under my tops and it's very comfortable that I can't even tell I'm wearing it. 


I don't wear any shapewear under my pants.

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Re: Do you wear shapewear?

@NYCLatinaLaw wrote:

@kate2357 wrote:

...This is more about modesty than slimming. But when wearing knits or close fitting skirts or dresses, I wear a slip. Horrors to some, but it keeps my clothes hanging away from my body and reduces the appearance of any of that back fat nonsense. 


@kate2357 I wear slips with dresses too!  There are 2 of us!  They used to be so hard to find, but now we have Amazon. I used to pay about $80 at a specialty store, now it's like $15...



That makes 3 of us! Too many dresses are sheer or unlined. I do not want the outline of my legs to show through so a slip is a closet staple for me. 



I used to wear Spanx for smoothing out my thigh area when I wore my slim skirts to work. I stopped wearing Spanx when I no longer had the skirts. I don’t wear super tight clothing anyway so there is no need for shapewear in my life. I would rather buy a garment that doesn’t need shapewear. 

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Re: Do you wear shapewear?

@Andreatoo  Nothing nasty or absurb about it as far as I am concerned, but I respect your opinion.  We will just have to agree to disagree😉

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Re: Do you wear shapewear?

I don't wear shapewear, but I do have a few pairs of Jockey Skimmies that I wear if I see the dreaded visible panty line, but other than that, no.

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Re: Do you wear shapewear?

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I have a few tighter tanks that I use to smooth things out when clothes don’t fit properly. Otherwise, no.

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Re: Do you wear shapewear?

Yes, a bra!Woman LOL


And all my bathing suits have rusching (spelling?) along the torso now.Woman Frustrated