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I hear it mentioned and I see presentations but it hasn't yet occurred to me to put on an extra layer of clothing. Not that I couldn't use it! I think all of us of a certain age probably have lumps and bumps best kept hidden regardless of our weight. If a piece highlights my lumps and bumps I just don't wear it but occasionally I've looked at those starter kits, as I call them, and wonder if I shouldn't have them in my arsenal? The closest I get to shape wear is probably a long line panty under a dress or jumpsuit but that's about panty lines and not about compression.

Do you wear it regularly or just special occasions? I'm curious if it's as prevalent as the sales would have us believe

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we go to dances once a month, and i have several fit and flare dresses that i like to wear.  i almost always have shapewear on underneath.  

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I don't wear it. 


I want to be thin when I look at myself.  Not to have different view after I take it off.


I do lots of stuff to be thin.


isavera (freezing wrap Amazon), LipoLaser(chiroprator offers it), InfraRed Body Wrap (salt cave offering) (All easy for me to do)


eating right & working out (harder for me to do lately)

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Yes but only under clingy skirts or dresses. Which is not often. 


I am 5’3” 122# so it’s just to smooth out the bumps 

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Re: Do you wear shapewear?

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I wear skinny tees....and underwear that offer a bit more tummy control.  That is about it. 

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Sometimes I wear them to church or when I'm dressing up to go somewhere. I have a few different pairs of spanx, those are my favorites.

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Re: Do you wear shapewear?

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@Andreatoo   I wear Spanx.I love it because it’s lightweight but smooths me out. I don’t wear it everyday. Wether I put it on or not depends on what I’m wearing & where I’m going. 

   When I get dressed up or wear skinny jeans/ pants I put it on. If I’m wearing a longer tunic that covers “my problem” area & looks slimming on it’s own I usually won’t put it on.I use it to create a smoother line.

   I find Spanx to be very comfortable. It doesn’t roll on me nor does it bind.The trick is to get the right size.

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It depends on what I am wearing and where I am going.  I'm not afraid of shapewear and I know how to purchase it so it's not like I am uncomfortable in it.  There are some fabrics or outfits that need some smoothing or some jiggle control to help me look my best.  I have what I need in my drawer.  

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I wear a light compression tank, in the correct size, almost everyday. This is more about modesty than slimming. But when wearing knits or close fitting skirts or dresses, I wear a slip. Horrors to some, but it keeps my clothes hanging away from my body and reduces the appearance of any of that back fat nonsense. 


I do not wear compression shape wear when wearing pants. For my knit pants I do wear pant liners for those pants that are unlined.

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NO. I don't have lumps and bumps or SADDLEBAG thighs.