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Yes but not like that one.  That wouldn't flatter my thighs and bootie.  I have three casual jumpsuits.  Fuller, soft knit fabric.  

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No I carry my weight in my hips.  Not a good look lol

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Agree with all the above.  They were fun to wear though.

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I like them a lot but my figure would look awful in one today. On a woman with the right figure it can look great.

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Yes, and I love my two Anybody cozy knit jumpsuits. They are pretty "loungey." I only wear them at home, even sometimes to sleep in: Comfortable and no bathroom problem. It's not a style I would feel confident wearing anywhere else. I haven't a fashion model figure nor do I wear high heels, which seem to the best look for most jumpsuits.


Draping them down around my ankles in a public restroom would not be a good thing either.  I'm rather a home body and the 2 comfy, cozy knit jumpsuits are enough.


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I only have one. Hard to find when you are under 5'2". 
Found this one at Marshall's for $16.00! No hemming! Added jacket for arm coverage.IMG_0207.jpeg

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There was a jumpsuit TSV a few years ago. It was Du Jour, sleeveless, wide cropped legs with a sash that could be tied in the front or back. I bought it in taupe and black. I’ve worn the black one so much i bought a second one on ebay.
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I have owned 1 jumpsuit in my life.  Wore when I was in my 30's.  I don't like jumpsuits and the only reason i bought this one is because it was dark green and a thin corduroy.  And that spoke to me, one of my favorite colors and it did look good on me then.  Sure would not look good in one now.



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No.  I have to potty too often!

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