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I had a great Liz Claiborne dark denim jumpsuit in my 30's which I loved it was my go to piece, I also rememebr a chambray short all that I used to wear with a white T shirt. I have mobility issues and not sure I could struggle into one these days

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I love them but cannot wear them. I would wet my pants? Smiley Frustrated

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@cjm61 wrote:

Honestly, I'm baffled by the "bathroom" issue. It is easy nowadays. The jumpsuits I have purchased (I own about 5) are all very easy to pull down over the shoulders to use the restroom.


I have the Studio Park Leah polka dot one. LOVE it. I also really like the Skinny Girl denim jumpsuit from HSN. I own 3 or 4 cuddl duds and like those for traveling. 


I do make sure they are easy on, easy off. They are a no-brainer when dressing. Kind of like a dress, but better if you want pants. 



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I did once in the early 1990s - never again. 



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I wore them when I was younger. Due to bladder issue I can no longer wear them.
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I borrowed a beautiful black jumpsuit from one of my dils last winter for a holiday event. It was beautiful and I would wear it again. She was hoping the ivory version would go on sale because she wanted to get another one. 


I have seen a few casual jumpsuits I like, but this summer was not the summer where I had a need to buy new clothes.

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@LavernLuvsShoes wrote:

Wow! - I actually wore one to church this morning - Black, sleeveless, v-neck with pockets.


It's the type you can dress up or down, but of course, I dressed it to the nines with gold and bronze jewelry Woman Wink

Sounds pretty @LavernLuvsShoes !

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Yes, I have 5 jumpsuits. Love them.  Easy to slip into and they look great on.  I also am wondering about the problems some say they have in the bathroom.  I don't have any when I"m wearing a jumpsuit.  My most recent jumpsuit purchase was a few weeks ago. I was watching HSN and C Wonder by Christian Seriano (sp) line was on. The host was wearing one of his jumpsuits. She looked very pretty in it so I ordered the same one on sale.  Nice light flowy fabric, sleeveless, v-neck with a modesty snap if I choose and a color I don't usually wear. Light green.  Looks good on and will wear it out to dinner next week.

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I haven't seen one that "wowed" me yet.  I would buy it.

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@Zaimee wrote:

I only have one. Hard to find when you are under 5'2". 
Found this one at Marshall's for $16.00! No hemming! Added jacket for arm coverage.IMG_0207.jpeg

That is too cute and it fantastic on youSmiley Happy