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I don't recall ever purchasing the exact same article of clothing. I have, however, thought to myself that I need to order something (black cardigan, for example) and then later find I already own one.

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@QVCkitty1    What you might want to do is go through your closet and anything that you haven't worn in a year, donate.  I don't recall ever purchasiing the same thing twice.

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I did that with a pink tunic.  Just got rid if one.

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@Katcat1 wrote:

@QVCkitty1    What you might want to do is go through your closet and anything that you haven't worn in a year, donate.  I don't recall ever purchasiing the same thing twice.

@Katcat1 , That's the odd thing , I do occasionally purge and donate, however during the height of the pandemic no one around here was taking donations. I also seem to gravitate to the same kinds of clothing because I'm boring. I vow to be better in the future. 🌺

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Oh yes, especially blouses and pants and sometimes the exact colors, so then I have to give them away. Some I keep especially the tops. I know maybe sometimes the neighbors think I'm wearing the same things.

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No, but I do buy things too similar to others I already have now and then.    Also, I do a pretty good job purging my closet but I don't get rid of items not worn in a year.  I sometimes just don't get them worn or hardly worn before the weather changes.  I have work clothes, plays clothes and  then some dressier items.  


I only get rid of an item of clothing if it no longer fits, beat up or my taste has changed but usually those are the older items. Or simply too many of the same thing and just don't need so much any more.  Jackets, sweaters, etc.    What I have done is cut way back on purchases and start wearing what I do have more.   I'm surprised the combos I can come up with and forgot all about.


 I like to watch the fashion shows and reminds me what I could pull off with what I already have.

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That is one reason I do not do like some hosts /vendors counsel to never hang your sweaters. I forget I have a certain one if I fold and put in a drawer or tote. Of course I live in a four season area, so do not see a couple of seasons clothes for awhile. 


Just at the start of fall this year I was thinking "I sure would like to have a chesnut colored turtleneck"--eh-- wait a minute I thought I purchased one a few years ago...searched through my tote & yep, I did. 

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@QVCkitty1 wrote:

Recently, I bought a gray elbow sleeve sweater that I've been wanting. Long story short, I have this sweater already. This has happened a few times and I really need to go through my packed closets again and remind myself of what I have. Do you sometimes purchase items that you forgot you have, or am I senile, LOL.

@QVCkitty1 Yes I have done that.  Also, sometimes I buy two alike because if it is a t-shirt or little dress to wear at home I WANT two of them.  

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I am sheepishly raising my hand because I am guilty of it also.😁



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I've found some things in the closet that I don't remember buying.


I found some things I forgot I bought.


I frequently deliberately buy duplicates of things I wear often.  (I have 33 black turtleneck shirts, and an unknown number in other colors.


I even make the same sweater patterns over and over.  If I like something ... there's no stopping me!