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Re: Do you do FaceBook?? Your thoughts?

{#emotions_dlg.thumbup} I love Facebook.

I can see all my friends and relatives and grandkids/great grankids there .Some live very far away.

I can also see things I am interested in. Like animal welfare/lost and found animals and Maltese groups and more.

I do not follow QVC on FB ,but I am 'friends with Josie Maran, and Robert Lee Morris who BTW are very real, normal people and are not there selling stuff.

Those who refuse to go on FB, don't know what they are missing.

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Re: Do you do FaceBook?? Your thoughts?

On 10/26/2014 TrailBlazer05 said:
On 10/26/2014 Issiestorm said:

I've never really wanted a FB account, but when I was still working at Whole Foods some of my co-workers, thinking they were doing me a favor, got me on one. I didn't want to seem ungracious so I let them do it. However, I not only don't like it, I don't understand it one bit. It makes absolutely no sense to me. I don't have much patience with it either. I really couldn't care less if someone had a ham sandwich for lunch or if their kids got in trouble for chewing gum in class.

HAHAHA that is too funny Issiestorm because it's SO true!! So many people have to post what they eat but then pictures to go along with it!!! It's like why?? What is the point to that? {#emotions_dlg.w00t}

That is so true Trail, my sister and I were talking the other day about how annoying it was to continually see pictures of food (she's better at FB than I am). But on the serious side, some people really don't have a clue as to what they shouldn't post. I've heard of folks who post when they go on vacation, and had their house robbed because supposedly someone saw it on Facebook.

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Re: Do you do FaceBook?? Your thoughts?

I find Facebook to be useful in locating old friends I haven't spoken to in years, but I too fail to see the point in laying out the most insignificant (or even the significant ones) aspects of my life for all the world to see.

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Re: Do you do FaceBook?? Your thoughts?

On 10/27/2014 Sunshine Kate said:
On 10/26/2014 TrailBlazer05 said:

I personally don't have a FB account but I do however visit hosts' pages from time to time or retail stores FB pages to see of any upcoming deals etc… My question is what do you think of it? Sometimes I think it's great and a nice way for family & friends to keep in touch with one another and other times it just seems like a fantasy world to some people. They can be whatever they portray themselves to be behind a computer. I've also heard people reference FB and say BragBook, LOL. It does seem like that from time to time too. HaHa…..

I must say some hosts post very nice things while others are obsessed with posting their every move and loads of selfies. That's when FB can look a bit narcissistic to me. I think LR is one of those people who posts endless pics of herself. It's crazy. There's one tonight on there with her supposedly choosing an outfit for tonight's GILI kickoff TSV and wanted to display as much attitude as possible (her words) because she's nervous. Somehow with her poise she displays on-air it never comes across as she's nervous but maybe she can still be that way after all these years? Who knows? But it does make me wonder if that was really the case or she just wanted to show herself off once again. Her outfit is FIERCE! She looks exceptional! But shouldn't she be more concerned the highlight at midnight is her GILI TSV bags and not her outfit??

FB is very entertaining. Lots of people's true colors sure come out on there. Smile

I know what you mean about LR posting pics of herself. It's a bit much. She's like that on air also.

Clearly, you really don't like Lisa ..... so why are you going to her Facebook page? {#emotions_dlg.confused1}

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Re: Do you do FaceBook?? Your thoughts?

I think Facebook is unavoidable for many people.

I was very resistant to it but firstly, was constantly missing out on news and events from friends and family. I was always the last to know things which sometimes is interpreted as not caring as much as others. Also people keep in touch with those who are accessible. If they have to go out of their way to contact you, they are less likely to bother.

Secondly, even if you don't think you're on there, you probably are. There are likely to be photos of you posted by others and people will post things you've said anyway (but paraphrased by them).

I think it's better to be in control of it than just pretend it doesn't exist. Because it does and it's going on around you all the time, you're just not seeing it. You don't have to put your whole life on there and you can easily hide.

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Re: Do you do FaceBook?? Your thoughts?

I can't stand Facebook. I'm computer literate, that's no problem but I just do not like Facebook at all. I ~do~ have an account, but it's only for one reason and I have no personal information on it whatsoever.

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Re: Do you do FaceBook?? Your thoughts?

No, don't Facebook and never will.

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Re: Do you do FaceBook?? Your thoughts?

Facebook (which I love) was created by a man. Unfortunately, he didn't understand how terrible women treat each other when he imagined it as a positive, social forum (sound familiar?). I think a few spoil it for many. I don't let it get to me, but I have friends that say 'I hate Facebook' and what they really hate is the way it's abused. Unfortunately it's hard to make connections with them across the country without an account, and they are the ones missing out. That's my take on it.

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Re: Do you do FaceBook?? Your thoughts?

I used to be on it all the time. We have always been prudent with our finances , thankfully, and my husband who was the primary breadwinner had his job offshored last Dec. We knew the layoff was coming but, he has had a very rough time finding another position since we live in an economically depressed area where jobs are few and wages are low. So we have been more frugal than ever lately.

I have shied away from Facebook in the last year or so mostly because I hate to see all the pictures of fabulous vacations, new cars, kids in expensive schools, etc. while I am working like a dog for lousy pay and won't likely be able to take another vacation again for years.

I certainly don't begrudge my friends their good fortune because they mean a lot to me but, I don't want the constant show of their good fortune to make me feel like crud either. LOL!

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Re: Do you do FaceBook?? Your thoughts?

No and I am a computer geek. It steals your time and privacy. No thanks.