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Re: Do all pull on jeans creep down?

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I have the last TS jeans from DG2 that have the wide slimming band at the top.  I have no problem at all with those creeping down.  I also don't have an issue with Kim Gravel's sliding down. 


I have a huge, huge problem with 2 pair of traditional button fly and zipper jeans sliding down like bad pantyhose.  One are the Rockstar jeans from Old Navy and the other is a pair from Marshalls.  Cannot remember the brand.


I'm a pear shape so it's not like I have a flat butt, narrow hips, etc.  It's all the stupid spandex they put in jeans. Many of them have so much stretch now, they just slide down.  Even with a belt, I'm constantly yanking on them.   

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Re: Do all pull on jeans creep down?

Never.  I only wear premium jeans.  They come in 98-99% cotton with 1% Elastane.   They don't squish or squeeze you so you pop out elsewhere.  The stretch holds in and bounce out.  I have never had to tuck at jeans, getting in and out of chairs, running, walking.  Just moving around.  I'm wearing a pair of Frames jeans right now.  They move with me, never against me. 

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Re: Do all pull on jeans creep down?

I find that some stretch jeans have too much horizontal stretch which affects the stretch of the fabric and waistband unfavorably aka there's too much stretch in that area. I have a pair of Jordache stretch leggings that drives me crazy as the waistband stretches out and I'm tugging at them after wearing them a short time. I'll probably get rid of them or turn them into painting the house pants.

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Re: Do all pull on jeans creep down?

@2penny wrote:

@Whatnow, @KatCat1 - yes I do have a somewhat flat butt (had to laugh at the aspirin butt).  I have on Denim & Co pull on's right now which prompted me to ask the question & yes I do have on cotton underwear.  Maybe a little velcro is in order pr go back to zippers, buttons & belt loops. 

And suspenders, too?


No butt or hips here, so pull on jeans or even ones with zip and button slide down on me unless they have very little stretch.


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Re: Do all pull on jeans creep down?

@2penny--most of my pants/jeans have that wide waist band and none of them slide down---I normally have to go down a size from large to med and they are a perfect fit. I buy mine from Macys-- their brand and then Levis too. Got a pair by D & Co that are really the best fitting pant from them I have. I have to shimmy in them over my hips but boy do they fit well!!