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Re: 👚👚 Do You Love BOUTIQUES? 👚👚

I don't like boutiques.....the only time I even go into one is when I'm shopping with some friends and someone wants to check out the boutique..... I find them overpriced and the sales people usually work on commission and are very pushy!!!  They are not a pleasant shopping experience for me....... Those that like them---enjoy!

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Re: 👚👚 Do You Love BOUTIQUES? 👚👚

I wear corporate provided clothing for work now, but back in the day, I loved shopping at boutiques.   They usually carried only one item in one size, which is great, you didn't see yourself coming & going.


But now I hit the higher end consignment shops.


A few years ago there was a show on cable about a high end consignment shop in St Louis.  I really liked it.



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Re: 👚👚 Do You Love BOUTIQUES? 👚👚

I like them if they have great sales because their clothes prices  are usually higher than normal.  Cat Very Happy

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Re: 👚👚 Do You Love BOUTIQUES? 👚👚

When we moved away from the big city I had a real hard time losing all my favorite stores! But now that I've settled in I've begun exploring. We live near a few resort towns. All they have are privately owned boutiques! Oh my gosh I'm in heaven! Its like having a personal shopper no matter what store I shop at! Love the one-on-one help! I have picked up so many adorable clothing for this summer! And they are all one-of-a-kind pieces! I'm a happy camper! Woman Happy

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Re: 👚👚 Do You Love BOUTIQUES? 👚👚

I used to think I'd like to be able to shop in exclusive boutiques but now I can I don't want to anymore.  Most don't cater to plus sizes and are very expensive.  Snobby and pushy sales people and if you return things you feel like you might get the third degree.  I'd much rather shop on line. 

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Re: 👚👚 Do You Love BOUTIQUES? 👚👚

No...I find the sales personnel are usually hard sell to make their quota.


I love the Ralph Lauren stand alone stores. Good service but leave you alone enough to explore..

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Re: 👚👚 Do You Love BOUTIQUES? 👚👚

The only time I shop in boutiques is on vacation. Usually I can find things I love in my local chain stores. My medium sized city has several clothing boutiques, but I don't think I am their target customer so I would feel awkward walking in one. I admit I am curious about they might carry in terms of designer brands or unique items. Maybe I will one day. 

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Re: 👚👚 Do You Love BOUTIQUES? 👚👚

  1. 1.
    a small store selling fashionable clothes or accessories.
  2. 2.
    a business that serves a sophisticated or specialized clientele.
    "a small investment boutique"
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Re: 👚👚 Do You Love BOUTIQUES? 👚👚

@muttmom wrote:

What we once called a ladies' clothing store is now called a boutique. A boutique was a small (expensive) specialty shop usually privately owned.


I was surprised to read when posters were referring to boutiques, they were talking about chain stores like JJill, Talbots, Chico's, Soft Surroundings.  To me Anthropologie and Sundance are boutiques but the other chains mentioned are clothing stores.

I remember my mother shopping at the local dress shops.  Boutiques were mostly small and usually expensive. The owner was almost always on the premises and knew the clientele well.



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Re: 👚👚 Do You Love BOUTIQUES? 👚👚