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I do - just bought Susan Graver's chiffon cowel neck top in three colors and two sizes. (Planning on fitting into a smaller size fairly soon). I am going to see how one washes, it looks like it might actually pill, before I definitely keep all of them, but I didn't want it to sell out. I absolutely love the way it fits. It is just swingy enough to hide my belly!


This is the first time I've done this with something I have to pay so much shipping for. 

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To me it's smart to buy multiples of the things that work.  Why search for another item when you find exactly what you want and give yourself a headache!


I have multiples of dress slacks, layering tees,  jeans, and all underwear.

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if i find a top i like i almost always buy it in black and white.

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I do this a lot - especially if I find great fitting jeans or boots.  

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I do too if I really like something and the way it fits...

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I sure do....have for years....

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Oh yes.  I just found shoes that solved a foot problem, that were on a ridiculous clearance price.  I think I bought 20.  I am chaining myself down to not buy more.


BTW, OP, I have multiples of SG, as well - great everyday wear that is comfortable and easy care, and looks nice.  


I'll take comfortable any day - boring, I am not!  I have  streamlined my wardrobe into a bit of a "uniform" - works for me.  I frankly don't care if others like it or not.  I can carry on a conversation and my house is pretty.  My dogs and husband love me.

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Yes, I buy multiples of solid color basics like t-shirts, jeans, dress slacks, cardigans & sweaters. I also buy multiples of shoes in different colors since finding shoes that I like and fit is such a challenge. I would never buy a multiple of a memorable item like a printed dress, top, or sweater. 

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I definitely do.

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Yes! I definitely do. Mostly with basics but once in a while other items. I recall an Antthony sweater twinset that I loved so much I had to go back for two other colors. lol... Got lots of compliments on all of them.


I have multiples of JCP St. John's Bay tank tops & t-shirts - in short, 3/4, and long sleeves, too. 


I've got multiples in a couple different brands/styles of jeans. I have had multiples in a couple different styles of shoes, too. Don't right now but I will again.