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When I see a piece of clothing I love I recently have a tendency to buy it in more than one color.  I do this more so when I see an item I already have on clearance.  Unless it is a wardrobe staple, I kind of hate it when I do this.  I don't want to be boring wearing the same piece in different colors.  Do you buy items in multiples?

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If I like it a lot, yes.  Doesn't bother me that I have the same shirt in three different colors.

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Yes, I buy multiples. For instance, LL Bean had a T-shirt that fit me perfectly so I have it in various colors.  Land's End has some 100% cotton sweaters that I like so have those in different colors too.   

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I just did that tonight, details on this thread.  Perhaps my post even gave the OP the idea for her thread!

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Yes, I do this...Have done this with boots, loafers, ballet shoes, T-shirts and sweaters.  When you find something you like and it works and looks good I believe in getting in multiples.

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I do this with shirts, jeans,boots,and shoes. But often with shirts I buy two black if I particularly love it since black can fade.  

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Oh yes, especially with pants. I keep the extra pair for when the other wears out.

And if I like a top I'll go back and purchase it in another color.


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Yes!  I must have bought 6 tees from Lands End, recommended by someone here on the board.  They are very comfy and nice material, a bit fitted, so not boxy.

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Yep.  I find it challenging to find clothes that I like that also fit and are comfortable, so when I do find ones that work, I buy multiples.

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I do this all of the time with tee shirts and pants. I also have two pairs of boots I like in the same style - one black, one brown. They're comfortable and one of them will go with everything I own!  Smiley Happy