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Don't Change Your Authenticity for Approval
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I don't agree.  Just because someone has style does not tell me anything about what kind of person they truly are.  I've known some people who looked very nice/well put together but were mean and hateful. 

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I agree, its an expression of who I am or how I feel on that day


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I agree only at a superficial level. 

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If saying who you are only refers to outward appearances, then the quote has some merit. However, I find it superficial and even ludicrous to assume you can know someone's personality or someone's soul just based on what he or she is wearing. There's too much of that kind of judgment going on in our society. I agree that it's nice to dress well and take care of yourself but that is not the measure of a human being.

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I am a 100% Southwest girl and my attire reflects it.   I don't have to tell people that I love anything Southwestern,  they see it.   Not to overdo it of course.   So I say,  yes. 

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Re: Do You Agree With This?

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My style certainly sends a message and reflects my personality.  It lets people know what I like, possibly how I feel on any particular day, etc., but it is certainly NOT a reflection of who I am as a person.

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It depends on one's idea of what the word "Who" means.  It can say HOW you feel though.  People can dress very fancy and have the personality of a wet noodle (I know some).


In our family we never go by the way a person dresses.  My late husband would wear old rag clothes when he was working on the development we owned.  


When he turned the development over to the Home Owners Association, people came up to him and said, "We thought you were the maintenance man".  My husband laughed and said, "Well, I was and it worked for me because otherwise you'd all be after me and I'd never get any work done".  My late husband was a multi-millionaire.  So, tell me what does that say about who he was?


I tell people I know who are Gay.  "Being Gay is what you are.  Not who you are".  They agree.  Just like I'm Heterosexual is what I am not who I am.

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No, I do not agree. It is superficial, as others have said. I have a closet full of clothing that no longer reflects my lifestyle (I'm working on clearing those out and converting over to my more current lifestyle, btw), that reflected my position in the work force, not necessarily 'me'. I think designers would like us to drink the koolaide, and fall into that mindset so that we would be more willing to spend more money on their designs thinking we would be showing "who we are" by the higher end clothing on our backs.
BTW lola, you often ask these questions but never state your own opinions, do YOU agree with this statement? lol
"To each their own, in all things".