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Re: Different PM Style Hosts Coming?

I like Amy the best.....just couldn't watch much with the other gal.

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Re: Different PM Style Hosts Coming?

Amy is awesome, knowledgeable and fun. Enjoyable!

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Re: Different PM Style Hosts Coming?

@culebra wrote:

After watching Amy for a few weeks, I think Shawn was better and more interesting on PM Style. I do like the earlier starting time.

Lol, for me, they're both unwatchable and annoying to listen to.

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Re: Different PM Style Hosts Coming?

I wish QVC would have rotating hosts on PM Style! One host cannot please everyone, no matter who it is.


Here are the hosts who I think would be good on PM Style in rotation:


Courtney K.


I especially like Gabrielle and hope QVC gives her a fashion show because she's not doing AM Style on QVC2 on Saturdays anymore.

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Re: Different PM Style Hosts Coming?

It may be a good idea to rotate the hosts.  Remember when Lisa R. hosted PM Style?  It was like she was put up on a pedestal and always hosted outside shows (like the Hamptons).  No one person should be given all that power.  I like Amy and Shawn has a little bit of that attitude that she is no. 1 when she had PM Style.  Amy has a great energy and looks good in all the clothes.  I suggested rotating hosts for PM Style before Shawn became the host.  But who listens to me?  LOL  Cat Happy

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Re: Different PM Style Hosts Coming?

@dex wrote:

I don’t enjoy Amy’s new presenting style.I enjoyed her in the past but she is acting differently now.She seems to be trying so hard but it isn’t natural and flowing.

Wow that is how I feel about Jennifer C.  I don;t watch Q much but when I do I have noticed some of the hosts do seem different.  When I do watch I still enjoy Mary Beth, Carolyn, and Jill.  

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Re: Different PM Style Hosts Coming?

@wilma, I caught that as well and when I first saw the promo thought the same thing.  But I think they just worded it awkwardly and they mean that starting in January, Amy would be the new host.


I cannot imagine QVC would have gone through putting together that promo for just a 1 month change.  Judging from what I saw on social media, that took some doing to get done. 


Not to mention, this was all the talk on Shawn's, Amy's and Courtney's social media pages and not only did none of them say it was only a change for the month of January, they specifically said the change would start in January then other hosts commented about other changes being made to schedules and shows.


And then there is the fact that QVC sent Shawn to NYC to collaborate with Lori on some LOGO items.