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Did you see LISA'S BOOTS on the B.Mak show!!!!!!!

Wow! Now THOSE are some ROCKIN' Boots and SOOOO My STYLE!!!!! Love them!! {#emotions_dlg.thumbup}

Wonder where she purchased those babies? They are Hot & Sexay, even Bruce commented how sexy Lisa looked, LOL. {#emotions_dlg.ohmy} Smile

Bruce made Lisa step away from the table to show us her boots. She then commented about how she was going to return them but found out she couldn't?? Not really sure I heard correctly ... I was only half paying attention. If that is what she said though, why in the world would she want to return those! She wears them well.

Boots looks uber expensive! They look to be above her knee...loving the lace detail!! There are times when Lisa really gets it ... tonight is one of those times. Her jewelry looks fun & fresh tonight too - it's not the same ole, same ole!

---Italia! Kiss