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I think they're absolutely adorable I ordered the gray for me in the black from my daughter. She is 18 and a size 2 and saw them and loved them Reminds me of the 70s
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Wish I was small enough to wear skinny jeans,

thought they were beautiful.  Loved all the paaterns.  

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I also got the gray/distressed black. Hope I got the right size, as I understand it could be iffy with her.

I don't like all the colors, but I did have a hard time choosing between three styles.
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I love those clothes too.  I used to buy and wear them.  I don't anymore because I'm so freaking fat...anyway, I love seeing women wear them.


I was a teenager in the 60's and my late husband and I danced our way through the 60's and 70's.  Her clothes remind me of those I wore.  


It's not that I think I'm too old (almost 71) but I just don't think I look good in them anymore.


I'll bet you look great in them.  I send my daughter (the youngest (37) clothes but am careful these days as her lifestyle has changed.

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@Miranda1550 I liked your post.  I feel that way too.  I can't wear those tight fiting things not just because I'm fat but because I have knees that kiss each other and most importantly, I don't feel like I look good in them.  I dress for me and if I don't think I look good that's what matters.

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I saw them and I briefly considered the gray, I have gray Ugg-like boots and they'd look cute together and embellished jeans are in this season.  But I managed to catch and stop myself. I wasn't sure if they are denim with stretch or that stretchy-stretchy elasticy fabric DG has been using.  

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I really like the gray, but can't get them because the rise is way too high for my liking. I wish DG would make a more modern lower rise on her jeans.

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Love them and @annabellethecat I bet you would enjoy wearing them....her jeans tend to be very forgiving and comfy!

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Re: Diane Gilman TS

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@SaRina wrote:

I really like the gray, but can't get them because the rise is way too high for my liking. I wish DG would make a more modern lower rise on her jeans.



I tried her jeans once and the rise was so high that it left a pouch in the crotch.  


Not the look I was going for.


Plus, I did not like the fabric.  Way too stretchy.


P.S.  I just looked at the fabric content.  A few of them are 1% spandex, and the others are 2%.  I think that's a lot less than some of her other jeans.  I love the embroidery.


The rise is still pretty high, though.  My perfect rise is 8 1/4" and these in my size 4 are 10 1/4".  Too much fabric there for me.  So I'll have to pass.

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@phoenixbrd Well when I got out of rehab (nooooo not for what you might be thinking...ha!) but for my 2 new knees....where was I?  Oh!  So I lost at least (swear to you...I wouldn't eat their food) I lost 14 lbs....I might have been able to squeeze into them..


However, now that I'm back I can buy what I like and I've really porked out...major...right in my arse and stomach (of course) they'll have to wait.


One thing someone said about the rise...I do remember that it bothered me that I didn't think they came up in the front high enough.  Now I don't want them under my chin (HA) just to the belly button....